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Fantasy Beauty &Nbsp; The Perfect Match For Little Black Dress.

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Beautiful Black And Black Jewelry

In 1932, Coco Chanel created a series of beautiful and advanced beauty. Jewellery 。 And this "Cascade" Necklace It is designed to match the neckline of the classic black skirt. It is made of 18K platinum, inlaid with 1 5 krad pear cutting main drill and 287 gross weight 42 carat round drill. Almost invisible piece of metal in series, condensate into a waterfall effect, showing a dream of beauty. grace Beautiful, adornment is very strong. {page_break}

"Butterfly dream has already begun to see, the spring breeze, the life is comfortable, a new day." Lan jewelry Renascence revival series vivid and graceful butterfly image, with the exquisite craft of the exquisite workmanship, with white gold gold's dazzling, inlaid and bright white drill, turned into a beautiful butterfly breaking out of cocoon, and deduces a beautiful legend that passes through time and space. It is not a thing of surprise, like a murmuring stream, like a warm breeze blowing in the air. The unique oriental flavor shows Lan's magnanimity and magnanimity. {page_break}

"Peacock tail dragging gold thread long, afraid of flying into the cloves", Kate Spade with gold foil crystal glittering emerald sapphire, from the nature of inspiration, exquisite and beautiful, ingenuity, in the continuation of modern style with retro aesthetic design concept, at the end of the year is not a gathering or travel, with a knitted Wrap skirt, plus a unique shining brooch, gorgeous and childlike, it seems to be closer to nature. {page_break}

Twenty-first Century is the best time for women. This autumn's top handmade jewellery brand Pomellato, which is stationed in the mainland of China, is the most significant interpretation of women's romance and dreams. This is the best time for women to enter Italy. Arabesque Series rings, with delicate rosy gold embedded in sexy black diamonds, naturally inlaid with white gold inlaid beautiful brown drill, are not only suitable for wearing on ceremonious occasions, but also can match perfectly with fashion fashions in everyday different occasions. When the wonderful flowers are in the hands, it is not only the luxurious fashion of jewelry itself, but also the outstanding personality of the wearers. The love and glory of contemporary women are condensed on this luxurious fingertip.
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