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&Nbsp, The Most Anticipated Children'S Wear Designer &Nbsp; (Photo)

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Looking For A Designer

10 of the most valuable expectations of the friends of the small bowl

Children's wear



2012 Lanvin Resort release.

Christian Louboutin:

Buy a pair of red bottoms and high heels for your children.

Marc Jacobs:

Small Marc even owns a professional sales website.

Jean Paul Gaultier:

If you are fascinated by French high fashion, start with your baby.

Advanced customization

Jean Paul Gaultier is definitely the best choice.


This year, Fendi listed children's clothing series in Milan and New York respectively, with children's clothing ranging from three months to 12 years old.


In spring this year, children's clothing ranges from $50 to $3500 at the age of 2 - 8.

Stella McCartney:

The British designer, known for her minimalist style, chose to work with The Gap, the high street brand, inspired by her high fashion.


This traditional Italy brand already has a series of advanced children's wear. If you look forward to buying affordable children's clothing less than 20 dollars, you may as well wait until September this year.


Want to start a windbreaker for your daughter?

Burberry is definitely the best choice.

Young Versace:

The series will be launched by the end of 2011.

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