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Casual Wear Brand Analysis &Nbsp; How To Win Consumer Psychology

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Women'S Clothing Brand Market

The current brand of women's clothing, especially leisure.


In the field, the trend of product homogeneity and target consumers' overlap is becoming more and more obvious. How to win the favor of consumers is no longer just a question of product style and price level.


Repositioning will be the root of the market's shuffling to decide the competitive advantages and disadvantages.


Category subdivision


Location determines competitive advantage

Sports, fashion, leisure, outdoor, when more and more belong to the field of clothing representative market segmentation terms are familiar with consumers, it also represents that every field is maturing, from product R & D, production, sales supply chain building, to brand building, advertising, terminal layout of integrated marketing, all appear to be targeted for subdivision consumer groups and unique market demand.

This is mainly due to the increasing demand of consumers for different functional products and wearing different clothing on different occasions. It can be said that the wardrobe of consumers has stimulated the rise of the market of garment segmentation.

However, at the same time, we also see that some markets that are originally independent are also gradually merging. Leisure outdoor sports and fashion are all products of market competition to a certain stage, and this stems from the other side of consumer demand. Some traditional consumption concepts are being abandoned. For example, sports wear is no longer the loose and loose sportswear formerly. It is not only black and gray, but more and more mixed with beautiful colors and trends, combined with the fashionable fashion design style of women's clothing nowadays.

Or, some simple outdoor sports, consumers do not need to wear waterproof and windproof sophisticated equipment, but more need is to have some simple functions of casual clothing, such as fast absorption of sweat, thus promoting the integration of outdoor and leisure clothing in two areas.

Therefore, subdivision and integration is a game in the development of the clothing industry. For clothing brands, it is more necessary to find suitable positioning and lay a solid foundation in order to further establish the competitive advantage of enterprises in such a supply and demand relationship.

At present, apart from the core technology of a few professional sports brands in China can not be duplicated, most of the clothing products are very replicating. Especially, almost all the production is concentrated in two provinces of Guangdong and Fujian. The research and development of products can not become the core competitiveness of clothing brands. It is precisely because barriers are not high enough that a clothing brand is very easy to enter similar fields. Some brands have even begun to expand their brand names, trying to incorporate sports, fashion and leisure into the scope of market sales, and expand the target consumer groups.

It can be said that the size of China's consumer market determines that the model of business brand expansion is to expand the popularity and attract consumers' attention, so as to maintain the loyalty of the Korean version of the women's clothing brand.

With a huge base, only a small percentage share of the market can achieve a high sales revenue.

However, like Haier in the household electrical appliance industry, it has become a household appliance brand covering the entire product line, allowing customers to purchase a full set of Haier products at a time. Besides the quality assurance of their products, Haier has carried a lot of ideas and culture, and even more is the pride of the ethnic brands.

Returning to the garment industry with a larger number of brands and a lack of loyalty, can we integrate the market segments to build a business empire? I believe that the current brand internal force is not enough to support, especially the lack of a clear brand concept for most brands. Of course, we can see that domestic sports brands are actively working closely with international brands, and their main professional direction is also worth praising. However, more brands are only propagating and promoting at the basic level of consumer demand, leading to homogenization of brand philosophy not inferior to product similarity. In today's market melee, a brand concept that resonates with consumers is so important.

Brand concept, spiritual guidance of consumers

At this stage, the continuous efforts of the leisure apparel industry, the recent Metersbonwe, Semir, JEANSWEST and other brands of frequent movements, have to invest in the brand concept of consumers, and hope to bring forth the new, the new brand advertising and slogan through different media channels to the public.

On the whole, the brand concept of clothing industry interprets brand and communication with consumers from two perspectives. On the one hand, it focuses on consumer psychology, analyzes consumers' living environment, lifestyle, purchase behavior and psychology, and calls out brand slogans from the perspective of consumers, such as youth, passion, personality and other keywords, which can be used as brand appeals.

On the other hand, from an emotional point of view, it tries to arouse consumers' sympathy, patriotic emotion, self-reliance, struggle and so on, which are in line with the spiritual pursuit of young people. As brand values, telling brand stories is also an important element to gather consumer attention and cultivate loyalty.

Of course, it seems that the positioning and ideas of casual wear brands have indeed gathered a large number of young people to become loyal consumers. However, it can not be overlooked that the current casual clothing industry does not have a clear leading brand, and the market share of each brand has no absolute superiority. According to a survey and analysis, there are 2-6 brands of wholesale casual wear for Korean consumers, and there is no absolute loyalty brand.

At this point, it seems that it is far from the sports brand.

Although ADI and Nike occupy the leading position in China's sports brand market, especially in science and technology research and development, they have the leading edge, but on the brand building, China's local brands are getting closer to international brands. The concept of sports brand, though based on professionalism and sportswear, has a higher level, and integrates sports concept into life, thus becoming a continuous encouragement and motivation in sports fields and values in life.

Recently, Lining's new slogan has been replaced for a long time, but the comment on this action is still hot. In fact, in the short term, the action may have more negative effects. But in the long run, it is undoubtedly a wise behavior to pay attention to the life and consumption habits of the 90s generation, especially to understand their psychology, change from the brand perspective, and find the language that can communicate with the main consumer groups in the future.

And perhaps three or five years later, domestic brands recognize the trend of consumption and consumers. When Lining wants to reform, the pain of reform is over, and the brand gap may be pulled back again.

In order to achieve the achievement of sports brand, leisure brand should make clear its suitable road in the process of internal strength training, set up a goal that can be striving for, especially a high degree of idea, and it can make the brand and consumers work together.

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