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Rai Women'S Fashion: Make You Unique

2011/7/18 14:59:00 59

The Brand Of Rhei Women'S Clothing

The hot July has arrived. Is it worrying how to spend the hot and dazzling July?

Short skirt

Or is it a sling? The Chiffon Lace seems to be very good, which makes it difficult for you to choose, right? No worries.

Rhei Pavilion

Korean Edition

Women's wear

Today, I'll teach you how to dress up and make a beautiful beauty in July.




Pink South Korea fashion hot collar collar lace princess skirt

In the 11 years of the sweet girl's new spring festival in Europe and South Korea, the Korean version of the wholesale clothing store also uses lace full of temptations. The design of the hot drill gives the dress a limitless shine. It's a good choice to join parties and work on weekdays.




Black Korean dress, layers of cake, round dots, sling skirts

The design of dots, suspenders, skirts and layers of cake, like the green lotus in the water, and the elves that do not belong to this space, elegant and cicada soft satin, create a pattern of light and shadow.




Pink, Korean, women's wear, circles, Beaded Beads, knitting, small external hang.

Korean version of the women's clothing agent this small circle of small external hang, with beads on the side of the design, very sweet and lovely, can mix the sling skirt, suspenders, air permeability, very cool, but also make your little rough hands very well hidden!

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