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The 24 Hour Skin Beauty Campaign Of Office Worker MM

2011/9/28 11:28:00 34

Full face pox print, skin Huang Huang, complaining about busy work, no time. Cosmetology Skin care? Office workers MM Red Alert on the opposite side of the skin, do not sit still and act immediately to remove facial skin problems, and 24 hours of skin beauty campaign.

7:00am drink water to replenish water & detoxify

I slept for more than eight hours, though I used moisturizing last night. Night Cream But the skin still feels a bit dry. The simplest and most effective remedy is to drink a large glass of water to reactivate the body and promote metabolism.

Wash your face at 8:00 with warm water.

Cold water can not open pores, metabolism of a night's skin has to discharge old waste materials, warm water wash your face can gently open pores, remove pores dirt. Avoid hot water and prevent moisture from taking away skin.
9:00 moisturizing spray to solve urgent needs

The office life of 8 hours a day may start longer. The air conditioning environment will make the skin evaporate. Moisturizing spray can replenish water in time to relieve the urgent need of skin.
Lunch for lunch at 12:00 is light.

Sedentary office, lack of exercise will make your lower body fat accumulation. If someone asks you to curry today, you must have sayNo, because spicy food can cause a lot of water loss. A refreshing business package is a good choice.
Let moisturizing spray continue to function at 15:00.

At high drying locations, such as corners of the mouth, eyebrows and corner, strengthen the "watering" and efficient moisturizing. This time can help you solve your worries.

19:00 nourishing soup, beautiful skin.

Enjoy the soup of the pot, and the fatigue of the day is half gone. Rich nutrition soup can nourish body fatigue. In addition, a night before meals can help you reduce the intake of staple food and help you lose weight.

At 20:00 o'clock, the skin care point is very tiring.

Cleansing, cleansing, moisturizing, moisturizing, if time is abundant, do not lean. Step by step and perseverance are the best skin laws to develop good skin.

22:00 beauty sense to recharge your skin.

When you wake up, the skin becomes tender and delicate. This is the biggest effect of beauty sensation. Adjust skin care products and skin cells' self repair steps to the same surprise.

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