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Adidas&Nbsp; Climawarm Winter Run For Your Feet.

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Adidas Shoes Technology

Adidas Oscillate Warm{page_break}


Adidas CW Ride


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Running shoes

Everyone will think of Adidas's unique "ClimaCool" heat dissipation.

science and technology

Running shoes.

ClimaCool, which uses high breathable materials and all-round ventilation, has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The winter of the four cold winds is the season of "ClimaWarm" technology that matches the "ClimaCool".

From the terms of technology naming, we can see that the same as Clima, one emphasizes Cool (cool), while the other emphasizes Warm (warmth).

CliamWarm pays attention to warmth, but it is not just thickening of shoe upper material on the basis of ordinary running shoes. ClimaWarm can also provide enough comfort while keeping warm.

He can keep warm air in his shoes while discharging extra sweat through the tiny holes in the thermal insulation material to achieve two unmistakable effects of warmth and air permeability.




Adidas Oscillate Warm{page_break}


Adidas Oscillate Warm

The CliamWarm shoe Adidas Osillate Warm of this quarter looks from the outside, and its "warm" feeling is obvious. The design inspiration of the raised block on the upper shoe is derived from the method of feather distribution in the down garments that we often wear in winter, and the raised position is just the space for placing down.

On Adidas Osillate Warm, these positions are the location of the shoe upper material, ensuring the temperature inside the shoe.

In addition, the height of the tongue has been adjusted, compared with the ordinary summer running shoes, which can match trousers to resist the cold wind which comes from the front during running.

The heat preservation stoma on the arch of the foot allows a certain amount of air to enter into the shoes and exchange with the air in the shoes and warms up, which not only guarantees the temperature, but also ensures good air permeability.


Outboard side, Adidas Osillate Warm uses the same technology as LA Trainer 11, which makes the shoes suitable for all-weather pavement conditions.

This summer's most successful ClimaCool running shoes CC Ride's serpentine style outsole provides enough flexibility and elasticity to ensure the comfort of shoes during the movement.

No one ever thought of making a down jacket for a foot. Adidas Osillate Warm is the first thing.




Adidas CW Ride{page_break}


All the soles are Adidas odd nail technology {page_break}.


Adidas CW Ride

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