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Made In China On Fashion Week

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Fashion Week Fashion Clothes

People eat their food, and the huge output value of fashion industry shows that fashion has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. If the concept is further extended, the fashion related industry will contribute more than 37 billion pounds to the economy, which is undoubtedly a great help to the weak economy in Britain. After all, when the dazzling lights on the T station have not yet been extinguished, the National Bureau of statistics of Britain has a dismal figure: the second adjusted statistics report said that the British domestic students in 2011 The growth rate of gross domestic product has dropped to 0.8% from the previous estimate of 0.9%.

When Britain's economy is still in the mire of recession, fashion Industry will undoubtedly become a rare bright color. It is estimated that orders for the London Fashion Week will exceed 100 million, with international orders exceeding 74 million pounds. In terms of international orders, the main export customers include the United States, Japan, Russia and the Middle East, according to the organizer of fashion week.

After 59 T shows and 24 product shows, the London Fashion Week this autumn and winter came to a close. At the Somerset palace of the financial city. Fashion Week It is both a fashion show and a big business show, because the scale of the British fashion industry is as high as 21 billion pounds, and its output value is similar to that of the food and beverage industry and the telecommunications industry, which is higher than that of the sports industry and the automotive industry in the British economy.

In London Fashion Week, Vivian Westwood, the "British lattice" Boboli, and Alexander McCune's subsidiary brand, McQueen, who designed wedding dress for last year's Wedding Princess, participated in the show. These brands have a large number of fans in China. For China, the world's largest textile producer, it has to face the embarrassing reality of the absence of high-end brands.

Because of China clothing Although there is a lack of world-famous brands in the industry, although garment export ranks first in the world, because the design can not get the recognition of mainstream consumers, the added value and export profits of China's clothing industry are very low, which is a major problem that has long puzzled Chinese clothing enterprises.

Fortunately, the situation has changed somewhat. Although it is still necessary for the consumers who like foreign brands to accept domestic goods for a long time, in the London Fashion Week's T stage, at least the Chinese brand has been seen. The clothes made in China are beginning to compete with the international first-line brands on the river Thames.

As a matter of fact, as early as 2000 years ago, the East and the West were linked by the gorgeous semi finished products of silk, opening up the "Silk Road" and opening the door of civilized exchanges. In recent two hundred years, although the clothing style "West clothing East" trend is obvious, but with the Chinese commodities going to the world, the cultural meaning of the "world factory" has gradually been accepted by more and more people.

Fashion industry is the product of the times and the symbol and pulse of every era. The clothing of different dynasties in China is different from each other. It can be said that every dynasty has a specific fashion. Before China's reform and opening up, Chinese fashion was not a green military uniform, but a blue tunic. Today, China has already bid farewell to the era of monotonous clothes. People are required to wear their personality and wear fashion trends. Therefore, in China, the world's largest clothing producing country and consumer country, all kinds of brands are springing up, all kinds of fashionable styles emerge one after another.

Of course, in the fashion industry, the national character is closely linked with the world. Therefore, the Chinese show on the London Fashion Week is named "landscape - Chinese fashion show", which implies Confucius's "benevolent Leshan, the wise man enjoying the water". Mountains and rivers, one moving, one static, one Yin and one Yang, can be said to be the eternal theme of oriental aesthetics. Every pattern and style of clothing expresses the beauty of the East in the designer's mind.

Although Harold Titman, chairman of the British clothing association, said that the Chinese fashion show had changed his understanding of Chinese creativity and made him more and more interested in Chinese culture. But the British audience sitting on the edge of T has not enough idea of landscape culture, so it may be a long way to get them to accept Chinese fashion.

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