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Development Trend Of Women'S Clothing In The Next Ten Years: Capital Operation, Market Alliance And Internationalization

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Trend Of Women'S Wear

In the next ten years, collectivization, internationalization, industry and market alliance will become Shenzhen.

Women's wear

The development trend.

The garment industry in Shenzhen will enter a new development period, and the large enterprises over ten years will develop bigger and stronger.

For example, those enterprises that already have the successful mode are fully qualified to prepare for the listing.

With the completion of the new industrial park and the favorable factors of the new capital operation, these enterprises will be promoted bigger and stronger.

The past ten years can be regarded as the golden ten years of the development of Shenzhen's clothing industry.

Ten years ago, there were few brands in Shenzhen.

Brand formation is a matter within ten years. In the past ten years, our industry and enterprises have worked together to build the brand of Shenzhen. In the past ten years, we have made many export enterprises turn into brands. Most of them have been quite successful after pformation.

The next ten years, excellent Shenzhen

Clothing enterprise

Will gradually enter the capital market, through the listing, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and other ways to complete the capitalization operation.

I believe there will be a large number of brand groups in Shenzhen in the future.

Because many large garment enterprises have extended more than one brand at present.

From one to two, then to three or four, or even to more than 10 brands, because as long as one or two successful brands are typical, he can do a new brand's incubation and reproduction, and make brands of medium, high and low grades to achieve the strategy of multi brand "fighting".

This is the future direction of Shenzhen brand.

And many companies have successful cases, such as the shadow group has 4 brands, are very successful.

Because, when we get through the channel access in one place, we have paved the way for different types of other brands. The main solution is the problem of style and positioning, so collectivization development is the direction of brand development in the next ten years.

In the future, our association also plans to build its own clothing Institute, or cooperate with international and domestic clothing colleges, and cultivate talents of its own designers from the work of "people". Or, it is also necessary to cooperate with designers abroad to make use of the "brain" to get out of an international road.

In addition, industry alliance, brand alliance...

Everything is possible! If the small and medium-sized brands do not take the path of the industry alliance, the living space will become narrower and narrower.

The future pattern of clothing, I think so, is the main theme of international integration and market alliance, not only the domestic market alliance, but also the domestic market alliance.

international market


As a promoter of the development of the industry, we will serve as a bridge between the government and enterprises in addition to serving the enterprises well. Besides, we will focus on the development of two international and domestic markets.

In the past, we only paid attention to the development of some domestic markets, such as doing a good job in the interaction with the department stores, and building a good channel.

But in the days to come, we will no longer be "talking about armchair" on the issue of "integrating with the international community".

In the future, it may be possible for us to set up offices overseas from next year. We will play a better role in helping the enterprises to take the road of internationalization.


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