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Sports And Recreation Two Rebuilt &Nbsp; ADI Supercup2&Nbsp; March Comprehensive Listing.

2012/3/20 9:17:00 37

ADI Sports Shoes

Adidas Supercup 2

Adidas Supercup 2


Supercup 2 continues.


Supercup field leisure

Basketball shoes

Classic design.

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic materials with good heat dissipation performance, and the exhaust mesh with shoe ends and side shoes, which helps to speed up the release of sweat from feet and keep the environment in the shoes at all times dry and comfortable.

The EVA midsole and Non Marking rubber outsole have improved the wearer's comfort and good athletic performance.

Out of the special protection of the wearer's thumb, the outer surface of the thumb is covered with a thick leather.

The Adidas Logo and the "three bars" design of the shoe side, the shoe tongue, the rear part of the heel and the side of the shoe make the visual effect more beautiful.

Superup 2 will be comprehensive in March 2012.


To provide two classic matching colors of black and Brown is absolutely necessary for leisure sports in spring and summer.


Adidas Supercup 2{page_break}


Adidas Supercup 2

Adidas Supercup 2


Adidas Supercup 2

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