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Exclusive Interview With "Beautiful New Star" In The Fashion World

2012/4/11 17:47:00 20

Fashion DesignerLan Yu

"85 after" beauty designer Lanyu is a rising star in Chinese fashion industry.

In the interview, she shared with us that she grew from being a student.


The most memorable moments in recent years.

Lan Yu's personality label: the beautiful, weak, sweet, firm and strong fashion circle "beautiful girl warrior".

Personal homonyms customization

Wedding dress

Dress brand "Lan-Yu".

This posters Fashion Net 5th anniversary "ShareYourFashionMoment" large-scale theme activities, specially invited to have


The 25 Chinese fashion personages in the forefront of the vision share the most memorable moments of these 5 years for us.

At the same time, we warmly invite all the friends to share the 5th anniversary celebration of the posters fashion network.

That year, I was only a junior girl who liked to make clothes for myself.

In 2007, I was 21 years old. I was a junior student at Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology. I stayed in the studio that I shared with others every day to make my own dress.

I design for myself, deduce for myself, and strive to realize my own ideas.

No matter when I go to class or go shopping, I even wear my own design dress even when riding a bike. I never care about other people's eyes.

At that time, my happiest moment was to make a new dress, then go to school, sit in the first row of the classroom and exchange with my favorite teacher.

In the four years of college, I made more than 2000 dresses.

My FashionMoment is growing in these more than 2000 dresses and every conversation with teachers.

In September 26, 2011, Sheenah finally put on the design and handmade wedding dress three months ago, and went to love with her lover Zhang Jie. At that moment, I was filled with tears of excitement. Besides moving to this pair of lovers, I felt that this wedding dress was like my own daughter. Now I want to get married. When I first designed this wedding dress, Zhang Jie had repeatedly communicated with me. He wanted Sheenah to be the most beautiful angel on the wedding day. At the same time, I also wanted to pass Zhang Jie's love for Nana perfectly through this wedding dress.

So I use the unique design of the bottom of the skirt to symbolize their firmness of love, just like the ancient raincoat worn in the rain, resisting wind and rain and locking love tightly.

At the same time, the length of the wedding dress is set to 9.9 meters, with my blessing for their true love to eternal beauty.

A swan is in love.

In December 8, 2011, the release of my "Swan Lake" theme tailored wedding dress was a perfect summary of my own growth in the past four years.

With ballet as inspiration, I use seventeen works to depict the "Swan Lake" fantasy in my mind.

Although I have said that I would not like to do the wedding dress outside white, but this time, I hope to show my fashion attitude through black wedding dress.

The holy white wedding dress is wonderful, but black is a beautiful footnote. It's not about subversion, but that year, I want to speak to my emotions silently.

In the name of love, look forward to my next Fashion Moment.

In 2012, in the fifth years of Lan-Yu, I hope everything goes to a happier place, and I hope that I can put on the embroidered embroidered dress that my mother embroidered for herself.

Mama always wishes her daughters to marry when they were beautiful, mandarin duck, peacock, Magnolia...

These beautiful scenes give me a fascinating charm, and hope that my next Fashion Moment will be related to her.

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