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The Casual Wear Market Tends To Be Full Of &Nbsp, Fading Away From Investors' Horizons.

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Casual WearClothing MarketClothing InvestorsDomestic Casual Wear Industry

PEAK apparel

Lining costumes

2007 to present, domestic

Casual wear

A total of 82 Enterprises in the industry received VC/PE financing and accumulated leisure.

Clothing market

The scale of financing is 9 billion 427 million yuan, and the average scale of single investment is 114 million yuan.

Among them, the two largest financing cases occurred in this year. They are Italy Heji group's brand, L Capital and CITIC industrial fund 200 million dollars, and local sports clothing brand Lining 1 billion 34 million yuan to introduce strategic investors TPG and GIC.

From the scale of subdivision financing and the quantity distribution of cases, sports and casual wear accounted for 30.4% and 20.7% of the industry respectively. Footwear, men's clothing and women's clothing enterprises are also the hot spots of institutional investment.

Recently, many local enterprises, such as Lining, 002331.HK, PEAK (001968.HK), Anta (002020.HK) and other enterprises in 2011, have reported a slowdown in corporate profits and a weak growth in performance.

Because sports and casual wear market tends to be saturated, domestic related


Such problems as excessive competition, loss of executives, surge of stock in the past quarter, homogenization of products, and blind expansion have led to problems such as overcoming the cost of making ends meet. It is difficult for first tier cities to compete with international brands such as ADI, Nike, and less than four cities with less purchasing power, and the two or three tier cities are unable to improve their performance.



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