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How Do Garment Brands And Shopping Centers Win?

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Clothing Industry Co., Ltd. last year in Shenzhen Nanshan coastal city's single store sales reached 15 million yuan, Xia Guoxin, chairman of the song is very satisfied with this figure.

So Xia Guoxin felt that the shopping center is the mainstream of the future retail format in China, because customers' demands for the environment are getting higher and higher. Shopping centers with huge volumes can provide the brand with the opportunity to fully display their image.

This made Guo Zengli, director of China shopping center industry information center, feel very happy. In an interview with reporters, he once said, "I hope that from 2012, the local clothing brands should really study carefully.

Shopping Mall

As a retail channel. "

The idea of the two of them coincides.

In the past 2011, the total number of shopping centers in 41 cities in the country has reached 2795, of which 200 can be regarded as excellent shopping centers. This is the statistics of China shopping center industry information center.

In the 2012, with the development of commercial real estate development, new shopping center projects sprung up.

With the rapid growth of the number of shopping centers, the business capacity of shopping centers is gradually improving. The sales volume of some local shopping centers has been flat with that of the best department stores.

How does a clothing brand and a shopping center really treat each other? How high is the cost of a clothing brand moving from a department store to a shopping mall? How does a shopping center choose a clothing brand? How can both sides win a win-win situation?

With these problems, in April 14th, the top executives of shopping centers and clothing brands came to Shenzhen and sat together at the scene of the "Third China Shopping Mall Shopping Center Conference".

They launched a face-to-face deep dialogue.

Shenzhen Ellassay Apparel Industrial Co chairman Xia Guoxin:

Channel pressure is still very large.

Until now, the channel pressure that the singer faces is still great.

The international brand is coming, the first floor is the international line, the two floor is the second line of the international. The Chinese brand is said to be reacted again, and it can only be arranged on the third floor.

Many domestic brands actually do very well, but they do not have a chance to show them.

The relationship between brands and shopping malls is a cooperative relationship, and there is also a game relationship. In this process, if the mall is in a strong position, he says that any brand name can only be followed; if the brand is strong, it may also "bully" the shopping mall.

There is really no solution to this problem.

For example, we have always wanted to change a larger area in the Mixc. Now it is only more than 100 square meters. The mall says that this position can be kept well, so we are under great pressure.

Li Kexun, general manager of Shenzhen graceful world Clothing Co., Ltd.

Efforts are being made to study shopping centers.

The beautiful world is faced with several different channels: department store counters, roadside stores and shopping centers.

Every channel must try to do it well, but in the meantime, it must be biased.

At present, we prefer the roadside store, but shopping center is something we must pay special attention to, because it reflects a future shopping habit. It is a place that combines entertainment, shopping, leisure and experience. It will attract consumers to these places voluntarily, and its future potential is great.

Of course, different channels correspond to different rules. We should first know more about the rules of shopping centers or different channels, before we know what strategies and methods should be adopted to deal with small brands.

We now focus on expanding street stores, because this channel has its advantages, such as tenancy is generally three to five years, each store is relatively stable.

Its rent is fixed, it may be very stressful at the beginning, and the profit margin will be larger after the business is done.

Shopping centers are becoming more and more influential. We are also working hard at shopping centers before we know what to do next.

Chen Wenhua, director of Shenzhen ugly ugly baby products Co., Ltd.:

Shopping centres are not just landlords.

Shopping centers and shopping malls are also platforms for value seeking and investment effects.

Shopping mall has its value in the promotion process of channels, such as smooth communication between people and people, better shopping environment and brand communication.

We can't show the core value and retail technology of the brand in department stores, even if we have the ability.

What kind of shopping center do I need? I hope it is not only landlords, but also understands retail technology, and the brand side has retail skills and brand display, so that both sides will hit it off.

Shopping center is a channel brand. I believe that the overall display of channel brand value also needs to work together with the supplier brand. If there is a common brand idea or a common business style, I think I can choose each other.

Zhang Lei, brand director of Shenzhen seven color hemp Garments Co., Ltd.

Willing to "cold stove" for shopping centers

When entering this industry, many Shenzhen brands have already done very well. Compared with the seven color hemp, it is a little carrot head, and it doesn't have the right to speak in the department store. Although it has got some good positions, it is very hard to support it every year.

In recent years, the seven color hemp has kept the quality department store counters and no longer entered the new department store, because the department store did not give me a good location when it was well developed.

The location of the department store is not good, so I might as well display the brand image in the shopping center.

In Beijing Jin Yuan Yansha MALL, seven color hemp rented 250 square meters of area, decoration spent 700 thousand yuan, not only demonstrated the brand image very well, but also attracted many other shopping centers and department store's gaze.

Because of the state of the brand itself, I prefer to "burn the cold stove" and enter some potential growing shopping centers.

But there are three premises: first, the positioning of the shopping center is consistent with mine; two, the management and management concept of its team is close to mine, so that it will give me a lot of support outside the rent, which is particularly helpful to the growth of the brand; three, it depends on its geographical location.


Zheng Yi, deputy general manager of Huarun real estate business department,

Interdependence should also be mutual understanding.

Shopping centers usually have larger stores and more investment in decoration, but they are very good for image building.

If a clothing brand wants to promote its brand and establish its brand image, the shopping center may have more advantages, but the department stores also have the advantages of department stores, and the two are not contradictory.

However, the shopping center looks very large, but its number of shops is limited, so there will be a small contradiction: the owners of the shopping center hope to introduce more brands, but if a single brand takes up too much space, the number of brands will be small, so we need to find a balance.

Of course, it is normal for a brand to do well.

At present, there are more than 600 brands in Shenzhen, the Mixc and other places. Among them, we think there are 200 better ones, but now the total number of shops in the Mixc is 200.

Shopping centres can not be infinitely large, otherwise the risks are great.

I think the shopping center and brand depend on one another, on the other hand, understand each other, then try to achieve a win-win situation.

Many clothing brands in China are growing up and reaching a certain level. They should provide more excellent platforms for them to do better.

Yu Guanghua, managing director of the coastal group:

Brand dealers must communicate with shopping centers.

I want to tell the boss of shopping center that business is not the most important thing. The most important thing in a play is the script, followed by the investor and then the director.

Brand is a star at most. It is not a core element.

How can a brand choose a shopping center? First, we need to know what stage the shopping center is in.

Shopping centers correspond to a certain group of people, who enter the same space.

The more pure it is, the higher its density, the stronger the attraction, and the stronger vitality.

The brand needs to communicate with every shopping center. It needs to know what the shopping center is doing and what its next step is to do.

What we need is style supplement, so brand should see what the shopping center lacks.

People who make shopping centers have their dreams. They are also creating their own brands and social expressions.

Wu Di, general manager of Vanke Commercial Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen:

Change of thinking is mutually beneficial.

I heard that Chengdu may have 80 shopping centers in the coming year, which is quite frightening.

There are more and more channels for brands to choose. Shopping centers need to know what they want to do and what they want to do.

The difference between shopping center and department store is that shopping center is a platform. Only when it exceeds the experience of department stores can it survive.

Shopping centres pay more attention to experiential services. In the future, Vanke's shopping centers will no longer have main stores, but retail brands will also be less and less. However, the proportion of catering, service formats and experience formats will become larger and larger. This is the basis for us to distinguish from department stores and survive under such fierce market competition.

Nowadays, domestic brands only want to enter a good shopping center. In fact, many good brands abroad will enter community business, and community business has its foundation. Many consumers are willing to choose convenient community business.

The building of future shopping mall platform requires both developers to change their thinking and brand changes. Only in this way can mutual benefit be achieved.

Yang Jingyu, general manager of Shenzhen Ping'an commercial real estate investment Co., Ltd.:

Brands need to be clear about their demands.

Brand plays a different role in shopping centers: some brands are the role of positioning, so that they are more flexible in terms of rent; another is the supplement to the overall positioning, which is a cooperative function.

Another situation is that the shopping center has been fully positioned and planned, the core customers and brand combinations have been completed, and there is a relatively full combination of attracting tourists.

In this case, the shopping center will emphasize the rental contribution rate, so the choice of brand can not be generalized.

In turn, brand owners should be clear about their demands when choosing shopping centers.

It should be emphasized that not large area is good for you, not that low rent is good for you. Personal feeling that the brand business, especially domestic brands, is not clear enough in this regard.

Luo Wei, deputy general manager of the business department of Xiexin Real Estate Holdings Ltd.

Consumers are the final judge.

It is not the shopping center deciding to put a brand in a certain location, but a market.

The real referee is the consumer.

The consumer's recognition and the habit of consuming products decide that we are not looking at the head when we are making the positioning combination.

People who have dealings with shopping centers understand that the shopping center has its own location, which requires the co recognition of brands. Whether they can achieve the desired effect is not determined by the shopping center, but by the market.

Consumer likes is the last word.

Some brands complain that they are ruthlessly eliminated when they start shopping with shopping malls, which is actually determined by the market.

A well sold brand is impossible for us to take away. For us, everything is based on the market.

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