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Vans Reproduces Watermelon Color After Three Years.

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Watermelon ColorClassicCanvasVans


Famous sports brand in America


Founded in 1966, the streets of Anaheim, California, USA.

Each shoe has a unique personality. It is an essential casual footwear for fashionable young people in the United States, Japan and Hongkong.

VANS uses traditional hardening methods (vulcanized soles) to make shoes have a solid structure. So far, VANS has also introduced many color styles. Especially recently, new colors come forth in large numbers, which are very good color matching and give people a feeling of VANS whirlwind.

VANS has always been deeply loved by young people in Japan and Korea. Skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop, and VANS combine many fashionable elements.

SK8-HI&OLD SKOOL introduces Vans's Chukka, ERA, Mountain Edition, Slip-on, Old Skool and so on are all famous brand shoes for Vans, but the first choice for buying the entry is always.

The birth of SK8-Hi was all due to the culture of skateboards, and SK8-Hi was originally designed for skateboarding enthusiasts, and after all, it was the cooperation of the Harajuku brand, which brought SK8-Hi into the trend.

OLD SKOOL is an ultra retro low shoe, and SK8-HI is low and high in the tube.

Skateboard Market

In the first place, fashion color highlights different.

Think about 09 years when Vans sold a series.

Watermelon theme

Slip-On and Authentic shoes.

Sales were unprecedented at that time, and stores had replenished many times.

After 3 years, Vans has brought us a series of watermelon suits, and the watermelon meat canvas is still attached to the watermelon canvas.

It is still refreshing.

Friends who like this series can pay attention to the domestic sale situation of Vans.

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