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Online Shopping Market Is Not Suitable For Red Clothes, Old Clothes And New Clothes Are Too Expensive.

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Miss Lin took a piece before the May 1 holiday. Jeans To change the clothing shop to the waist size, to her surprise, the staff at the clothing store said, "jeans should be changed to at least 50 yuan, and because of the recent change of clothes, Miss Lin's clothes will take three or four days to change." Reporters learned that, in the online shopping fever, old clothes renovation and other factors, the two years, the clothing store business has become apparent.

  The market is big -- clothing prices are rising and clothing stores are changing.

Right now, in the mall. clothes The price is rising steadily, and a jacket will cost thousands of dollars. Miss Lin will go to the net shop to wash clothes. But because they can not be tried on, clothes bought sometimes do not fit. "Clothes are not expensive at all. If you send a hundred yuan, if you send it to the shop, you will have to pay tens of dollars for postage." Miss Lin said that unless the size of the clothes is small, it is difficult to change them. The rest of them can be changed like clothes, length of sleeves and waist. This time, Miss Lin bought jeans with big waist, and her trouser legs were also a little fat. After changing the clothes shop, she wore a good fit.

Yesterday, reporters in Xudong's clothing store also saw a middle-aged couple holding several clothes to change. The wife said that because of her insistence on exercise, her husband was obviously thinner this year. He used to buy clothes that he could not wear, but they were still good. Some of them had only worn one or two times.

The staff at the clothing store said that over the past two years, the number of people who changed their clothing has increased significantly, and dozens of bills can be received one day at a peak, mainly due to the fact that online shopping clothes do not fit the size and the old clothes are refurbished and changed.

Industry insiders say that clothing prices are the main reason for changing the clothing store. Market Thousands of dollars in clothes, many people to online Amoy clothes, but also let some people in the clothing consumption no longer lavish, careful calculation.

  The price is high - the waist is about 50 yuan.

In the impression of many citizens, changing clothes shop to dress is usually done for the trouser legs. Nowadays, the business that the clothing store can undertake is "multifarious" -- skirts, trousers, waist, size, coat length, sleeves, length down, down garments, leather refurbishment, etc.

In addition, the customers of the clothing changing shop are also expanding. There are more than 20 year old young people and forty or fifty year old middle-aged and old people. A change clothing store official said that the increase of young people is a significant change.

However, the business is burning, and the price is rising. The reporter has learned that this year, the price of some clothes changing shops in Wuhan has obviously risen, and some prices have doubled since last year. At present, jeans usually cost around 10 yuan -15 yuan, and the waist size is about 50 yuan. The overcoat is only about 100 yuan long. It will cost one hundred or two hundred yuan if the clothes are changed greatly.

For this reason, some citizens still feel that changing clothes is still more cost-effective than buying new clothes. After all, the clothes bought for thousands of yuan are refurbished or resized, which naturally saves a lot of money than re buying new clothes.

However, some people in the industry have warned that there are risks in changing clothes. Once the clothes are changed, the whole clothes may be wasted, so the citizens need to be cautious about changing clothes.

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