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Japan'S Business Is Changing Fast: Lending Electricity To China

2012/5/11 9:40:00 42

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Recently, Japan is fast.

Fashion brand

IMAGECOLLECTION has entered China, unlike previous well-known Japanese brands, Muji and UNIQLO. They did not choose to expand their physical stores on a large scale. Instead, they joined hands with Chinese e-commerce companies to attack the network sales market.

It is understood that IMAGECOLLECTION is Japan's original women's clothing brand, has 28 years of history, about 6000000 loyal members.

In November 2011, the survey showed that among Japanese women aged 20-49, the brand awareness of IMAGECOLLECTION was as high as 77.4%.

In recent years, Japanese brands have been expanding overseas, and China is a big one that can not go around.


From the different paths of different Japanese brands entering China, we can clearly see the change of "fast fashion" in China.


Curve entry

Online retailers

Test water

From UNIQLO to H&M, from ZARA to GAP, and from print to IMAGE, more and more overseas fast fashion brands have started their own China road.

Perhaps for Chinese people, the "fast fashion" of "fast" is not only reflected in the fast and new products and frequent display windows, but also the "fast fashion" brand is rapidly catching up in the Chinese territory, and shops are opening up one after another.

However, not all brands can run smoothly in China. Before TOPSHOP and NEXT, they have been disappointed. After that, H&M and ZARA have been fighting hand to hand. For the "new players" in the Chinese market, the high cost of offline stores, the vast territory of China, and the limited resources of high-quality shops have made the traditional layout way with the expansion of offline stores as the core step by step.

Through network test water, curve entry has become the only way for many brands.

The first thing to do is UNIQLO. After its first entry into China in 2001, UNIQLO launched a strategic cooperation with the mall that had not yet been renamed in 2009, and launched the flagship store's water test market. After opening the channel, it also matched the layout of offline channels.

However, in 2012, IMAGE no longer chose to open shop on the "online market" and chose to enter the online "high-end department store" platform. This subtle change also reflected the changes of e-commerce in China in recent years.

It is reported that the partner of IMAGE's choice is a leading fashion department store with international capital investment, with buyer offices in nearly 20 cities in New York, Paris and London.

Luxury goods, domestic and international boutique and designer brands have more than 3000 brands, including clothing, cosmetics, bags, accessories, footwear, watches and homes.

Internet high credit AAA level website, 100% genuine products, 7 days return.

Its CEO Ji Wenhong said: "IMAGE chose us to carry out strategic cooperation, on the one hand, because the target users of both sides are highly consistent. On the other hand, we are an online high-end department store platform, which can provide professional support for IMAGE in the aspects of market promotion, technology system and logistics system for localization of white-collar users in China."

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