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2012 China International Fashion Week "Red Ni Cup" (Popular Show) Finals In Qingdao International Convention And Exhibition Center.

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QingdaoFashion ShowPopular Show


In May 5th, hosted by China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week Organizing Committee.


The Qingdao textile and apparel industry association is responsible for sponsoring the 2012 China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week "red Ni Cup" Tenth People.

Fashion Show

The final of the competition is held at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center.

This is the only fashion fashion show in the fashion week in China.

Popular show

"Adhere to the" close to the people, close to fashion, "the purpose of activities, close to life, and guide the development of people's love of life and healthy clothing culture, fashion into the public family, people's lives, create a harmonious social family, the interpretation of the" fashion and life together "theme of eternal.

A culture that can not be separated from the people can not be long. A kind of art that does not resonate can not be circulated. The international fashion week of Qingdao has incorporated more elements of universal participation. The most notable activity in the nationwide participation is the show of the people.

The "red Ni Cup" citizen fashion show competition has been held successfully for the nine time. It is a fashionable cultural stage built by the government for the public to display the creative spirit. Through screening the citizens with fashion design talents to participate in the Fashion Week activities, demonstrating the self design works, showing the good sentiment of the general public in loving life, advocating art and pursuing fashion, playing a positive role in leading the fashion and building a harmonious life.

Since the launch of the competition in February, it has received wide attention and positive response from all walks of life. Over 500 fashion designers and performance enthusiasts have signed up, and participated in the contest by 47 sets of works that met the requirements of the contest.

"Beauty" and "cool childhood" were awarded gold awards with their unique visual enjoyment and Chinese cultural design concepts; silver awards were awarded Silver Award by adult group work "Chinese wind", "Dragon Age flourishing red", youth group works "double faced Martha", "mirror fish", children's group work "Chinese baby" and "one child time"; the adult group's works "flowers and roses", "Jinshang style" and "flower style", youth group work pride and prejudice, Wan ya, Oriental Paris, children's group "lovely Beibei", "fairy tales" and "Tong Qu" respectively won bronze prize. After intense competition, the Chinese elements and contradictions of the adult group, the youth group and the children's group are brought about.

In addition, 6 groups of works won the award of excellence.

At the awards ceremony, the Zhuo color make-up training institution won the best cooperation unit award, while Ma Jingmeng, the author of the silver award "Dragon Age flourishing red", won the outstanding contribution award for its 10 years' enthusiasm for the popular show stage.

Zheng Mingmei, Secretary General of Qingdao textile and garment industry association, said that with the rapid development of various economic and social undertakings, people's demand for fashion culture is also growing.

The public's concern and love for popular shows has been increasing. This shows that Qingdao's pursuit of fashion is constantly improving.

Nowadays, the "people show" activity has been more and more popular among the people, and the level is also getting higher and higher. From the fabric, plate shape and craft of the competition clothing, we can see the profound skill of the folk costume designer.


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