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Paris International Fashion Merchandising Exhibition (Qiu Dong) Opened In September

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Paris international fashion merchandising Exhibition (Qiu Dong)

Apparel Sourcing (Paris international fashion sourcing exhibition)

France Paris Parc d 'expositions Paris Le Bourget

Sponsored by China Textile Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee textile industry branch, China Fashion Association and Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored apparel sourcing (Paris international clothing procurement exhibition) to start the exhibition.

Regular in Europe clothing Purchasing platform - this exhibition is held regularly in September in Parc des Expositions at Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Center in Paris, France. The exhibition area is 6000 square meters, and the exhibition period is 4 days. It has been successfully held for six years. The exhibition hall is equipped with advanced facilities and convenient transportation. TGV (high speed train) is stationed at the exhibition hall to connect Charles De Gaulle Airport and Le Bourget Business Airport.

3, held in conjunction with the French Texworld autumn fabric exhibition in the same period. This exhibition, with the help of the medium rare exhibition platform of Texworld autumn fabric exhibition, will build a one-stop shopping platform for European buyers through the integration of the transnational purchasing industry chain.

Pre exhibition speed distribution service has been matching the information of supply and demand between exhibitors and spectators since its exhibition. According to the survey of purchasing habits, a lot of buyers in Europe must have a certain degree of understanding with suppliers before they will make a field trip. This "business speed matching" initiative has achieved good results, and many enterprises have found or expanded their business channels through exhibitions.

2, the Ministry of Commerce subsidized small and medium enterprises. This exhibition is an overseas key exhibition item listed by the Ministry of Commerce, exhibitors who meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (with the right of import and export, and the total import and export volume of less than US $45 million in 2011) can enjoy 1 posts of about 1-1.5 million yuan in the Ministry of Commerce. "SME international market development fund" website: www.smeimdf.org, the capital allocation period is about one year. Before the exhibition, the organizers will submit a unified list of exhibitors to the Ministry of Commerce in accordance with the subsidy conditions. The subsidy amount will be approved by the Ministry of Commerce after the exhibition, and then returned to the enterprise by the organizers.

[exhibition basic information]

Exhibition Name: Paris international garment purchasing exhibition and China's textile and garment trade Exhibition (Paris)

Exhibition time: 17-20 September 2012

Venue: PARIS LEBOURGET, Paris, boht Pavilion.

Exhibition area: 5000 square meters /20000 square meters (including fabric exhibition area)

The number of exhibitors is expected to be: 200 booth /750-800 in nearly 20 countries (including fabric exhibitors)

Expected audience size: 15000

Expected audience types: clothing and apparel manufacturers, private label holders, clothing retailers / wholesalers, mailing distributors, large retailers, chain stores, department stores, trading companies, agents, designers, purchasing offices, sales representatives.

Value added services: press conference, forum, clothing conference, etc., (available on demand)

Booth configuration: three standard standard booths are provided as follows:

3m x 3m (9 square meters), 3m x 4m (12 square meters), 3m x 5m (15 square meters)

Company logo, display panels, hanging rods or laminates, carpets, wastepaper basket, booth lighting, power interface

Booth cleaning, audience invitation, promotion activities

(depending on the size of the booth, the configuration will be different).

Deadline for entries: July 30, 2012

Range of exhibits: all kinds of clothing, men's wear and women's wear, children's wear, kimono accessories, etc.

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