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85 After The Beauty Designer "Dress Control" Dream

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She is a beautiful woman after 85. She is the designer of the star red carpet dress. She made the wedding dress for the happiest day of the woman. She is the rising star of Chinese fashion industry. She is Lan Yu.

She designed wedding dresses for Sheenah, Luo Haiqiong and Hu He, and made red carpet dress for Huang Shengyi, Huo Siyan and Zhang Yuqi. She also had a personal wedding dress brand named "Lan-Yu".

The swaying trailing, the light perspective, the sparkling crystal, the exquisite fabric and the smart feather are all beautiful elements that have been vividly displayed through her ingenious combination.

So what kind of growth path has created a young designer? What inspiration has inspired design?




Carry out the design to the end

In the movie "the mood for love", Su Lizhen's wearing the cheongsam in the lamplight, has been the classic Look in our hearts. Thirty cheongsam is dazzling. Every cheongsam represents the mood of the hostess.

And this touched the heart of Lan Yu: "when I was 17 years old, I saw" the flower of love ", and then I was fascinated by the antique cheongsam. Then I looked for my mother to help me dish a shop, that is also the first shop in my life. Since then, I began to learn embroidery, and treat every one of my guests seriously. These practices let me know that I can really design this job.

With this belief, Lan Yu entered Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, and it really opened her way of design.

Learning ballet from an early age created her temperament as orchid, and also created her own style, her love for Chinese clothes and her yearning for love.

In the four years of the University, Lanyu made more than 2000 clothes, which can not help but lament the hardness and strength of her weak appearance. It also makes people realize the hardships behind her success: "when I was a sophomore, I founded the Lan Yu studio, which was opened in a room shared with others. I think that the income of ten yuan of money and trousers and trousers will cheer me up."

At that time, I wore my dress all day and every day, and every day I was trying to realize my own ideas, designing and interpreting myself, wearing my own dress every day, ignoring the eyes of others.

After graduation, Lan Yu did not continue to run his studio, but went to New York Fashion Institute for further study. This experience also played a crucial role in the future design: "freedom in New York lets me relax completely, and I can design and feel as I please.

In New York, I allowed myself to jump out to see my own learning contents, and try to understand what kind of combination of Chinese and Western cultures can achieve the output of culture more effectively.

This learning experience makes me feel relaxed and happy, and at the same time I feel stressed.

After returning home, Lanyu set her own direction, and created the brand name "Lan-Yu" of the wedding dress of the same name. It became a shining star in the Chinese fashion industry from then on.


From the life of a ballet tune, not the end of {page_break}

Lan Yu is a real "dress control". No matter what occasion, she hopes to be gracefully present. She hopes to pass this idea to every girl through her design.

And the wedding dress is the best time for each bride to express her romantic dream. It conveys every girl's yearning for beautiful love.

Lan Yu is good at embroidery, and can use lace and light yarn materials to match the decorative elements such as beads, feathers, etc., so that she can admire the control of perspective.

I believe that those who can make such a beautiful wedding dress will be filled with boundless love for life. Lan Yu explains, "my inspiration always comes from friends around me, and their emotions are my source of creation.

And I often travel outside, integrate myself into mountains and rivers, and get inspiration from nature.

Lan Yu's brand is just as elegant as her own, which has an indissoluble bond with her childhood ballet. LAN-YU's 2012 series of wedding dress is based on Swan Lake as the theme of creation, showing the purity and enchanting in the movie the black swan, depicting the illusion of Swan Lake in her mind.

The black wedding dress is an anti tradition and becomes the finishing touch. Lan Yu explains her creative inspiration: "I try to turn people's inner emotional conflicts out, girls always have her two sides. This is the rich life. I want to pursue a kind of unscruples concept, show everyone a fashion attitude, do not pursue the trend, design only their own works, and also want to integrate my understanding of ballet art and design art into design."

Lan Yu

Wedding dress

Whether it is from aesthetic or wearing experience, it is always interpreted and produced from a feminine angle. Every advanced customization will cut the 3D pattern for the guests, ensure the perfect body and comfort in the shape and the body, and repair the defects of each bride's body in the safety of the wedding dress, so that all the bride will be the perfect side after wearing the wedding dress.

Lanyu explained: "many of the basic requirements of the large tail and heavy hem required by many brides are stereotactic cutting. As a result of women's conjecture and Research on body mechanics, even if the wedding dress is heavy, there is no need to worry about getting out of the way."

Lan Yu is well versed in the clever combination of style and fabric and decorative details: "when weighing styles and fabrics, I first choose the best fabrics, and some foreign fabric manufacturers have been working with us for many years, because the texture of fabrics affects the whole dress.

For the bride and every girl who needs to wear a Chinese dress, the merger they face is not just a shooting place, but a close contact with many people. If the fabric is not perfect, it will directly affect the overall image of the bride.

In terms of style, it will be referenced according to the girl's figure, the story between her and her lover, and the occasion of that day.

In the collocation of pearls, crystals and other small objects, guests will first be advised to choose genuine decorations (except fur). SWAROVSKI's crystal and deep sea pearls are used more, which makes the whole wedding dress perfect in detail and is invaluable for every pair of lovers.

On the collocation, balancing and succinct simplicity will bring these fine elements together.

Not long ago, the famous French senior lace brand director took the latest 2012 custom lace and Lan Yu to discuss the latest wedding dress material.


The original pattern design and the traditional weaving process coincide with the design concept of Lan Yu.

Lanyu is not the first time to cooperate with international brands, "Lan Yu said." as a new designer, I still need a lot of improvement and learning. I hope I can do better. I will go to Paris one day to show the world's young native designers.

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