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Tomorrow'S Third International Brand Clothing (Chengdu) Direct Sale Exhibition Opens.

2012/5/17 11:38:00 33

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Tomorrow, the third international brand


(Chengdu) direct selling exhibition will be opened at 8 and 9 of Chengdu new century Convention Center.

Yesterday, we learned from the exhibition that more than 500 brands around the world have completed preparations for the direct selling exhibition.

According to the relevant person in charge of the exhibition, the exhibitors include 12 categories of merchandise: international brand, men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, sports, leisure, outdoor, home dress, underwear, jewelry, shoes and hats, bags, etc. the exhibition area is 25000 square meters, and 7 exhibition areas are set up.

European brands, leading artists, Mogao, Goldlion and Luo Meng will bring in new brands.

Among them, nine posture has more than 300 models.


Sales promotion discount is very attractive.

Responsible person Wei told reporters, nine posture in Shang Chao general up to ten percent off, and this time there will be two to half off of the sale activities, "sale of about 1000 pieces, after the price from 100 to 1000 yuan."

The major brands are in the price concessions, the focus on women's professional dress Yi Jia Yong clothing is produced the entire 62% off of the preferential price.

The director of the exhibition, Miss Jiang, told reporters that the main consumer group of Yi Jia Yong is the urban white-collar workers. "This exhibition, in addition to showing our brand image, also hopes to find partners in the exhibition and open the southwest.



Nine herdmen, dedicated to the high-end male clothing series, will launch promotional activities under half off.

Relevant director Liu told reporters that the main purpose of this exhibition is brand building.

It is reported that in order to enhance the professionalism of the famous brand direct selling exhibition, this exhibition has added three major zones, namely, brand agents, group employees' clothing customization and high-tech fabric display. There will be more than 100 emerging brands from Europe, America and Asia.

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