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Quanzhou Children's Shoes Enterprises Spoiled Agents, Accounts Receivable 3 Billion Did Not Arrive.

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Quanzhou Children's ShoesAgentsAccounts Receivable

Recently, during the exchange between enterprises, most enterprises are in the same boat when they touch the problem of accounts receivable in 2011.

Today, hundreds of millions of sales and tomorrow's goal are doubled. Behind the bright sales figures, accounts receivable are in a mess.

Stock pressure aggravate repayment difficulty

"OK, I'll pay for it in two days."

"Wait a minute, we must remit."

Although the goods have been sold out of six or seven, the remittance which the agent has promised for a long time is not yet in place.

Children's shoes

Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the enterprise, had to call for many times.

In children's products enterprises, the same problems are plaguing many enterprises.

According to authoritative sources, in 2011, some of the larger Jinjiang brand children's shoes manufacturers were defaulted on account of at least 5 accounts receivable accounts for more than 200 million yuan, while other smaller ones were more or less owed tens of millions of yuan.

According to the data from the children's footwear association, according to incomplete statistics, in 2011, at least 3 billion yuan of accounts receivable had not been recovered from the children's footwear industry in Quanzhou.

Arrears seem to be a matter of course.

"The proportion of bad debts in the industry is determined annually according to the time of collection. Generally speaking, enterprises that are controlled within 10% are good operations, and the profits are considerable, but if they are over two years, they will be bad debts."

Insiders said that in 2011, many brands were trying to expand the terminal to enlarge the "plate", and the stock market rate was higher and higher.

Blind expansion of vendors spoiled


"Many enterprises have the phenomenon of arrears, not only the children's shoes industry, but also the development of a relatively mature sports industry now has this problem."

Xie Jiasheng, Secretary General of Fujian shoes industry association, said that the reason why the huge amount of accounts receivable did not recover was also related to the lack of operational capacity of the children's products industry.

"The level of operation of enterprises has not kept pace with the development of enterprises, and rushing to the market blindly will lead to a hard repayment."

However, in the eyes of the dog operating deputy general Luo Zheng Ming, the huge accounts receivable had not been recovered. It was more like the Quanzhou children's products industry was paying for its blind expansion.

"In 2011, many enterprises in order to quickly seize the market and expand the terminal channel, gave the agency an" excessive "support, giving shelves, rents, and even" full distribution "," let dealers Zero Inventory "phenomenon.

The consequence of this is a sharp increase in corporate financial pressure, insufficient digestion at the end, and a large amount of arrears of payments. "

How to solve the problem of accounts receivable? There are people in the industry who believe that "the operation of direct operation and the recovery of the agency rights of some bad credit agents is a move. This is to speed up the operation of the company's cash flow, and the two is the direct profit is relatively high."

Chen Shuqing, general manager of creative industries in Liuhe, said, "for small and medium enterprises that have no strong financial strength to develop direct outlets, the best way to solve the problem is to enhance product research and development, so that the products developed are more in line with market demand and enhance the confidence of agents."

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