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Global Luxury Goods Are Attracted By The Great Potential Of The Chinese Market.

2012/5/17 12:51:00 38

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From "horse race enclosure" to "recruiting soldiers". Luxury brand They are speeding up the pace of developing the Chinese market.

As a world-renowned boutique group, Richemont Group, which has many famous brands such as Cartire, Earl, Vacheron Constantin, MontBlanc, Dunhill and so on, has set up the world's first retail elite Academy in Shanghai. brand Expand the Chinese consumer market and cultivate the "spokesperson" of localization.

"World" Luxury goods A report released by the Association showed that the total consumption of luxury goods in mainland China reached US $10 billion 700 million from the end of February 2010 to the end of March 2011, accounting for 30% of the global market share. The report even predicts that the time that China will replace Japan as the world's largest luxury consumer market may advance sharply to 2012.

Consulting giant Roland Begg said optimistically that in the medium to long term, 70% of the global luxury consumer market growth will come from China.

Luxury goods, which are attracted by the great potential of China's market, are first developed in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Luxury brands are now eyeing the two or three tier cities with attractive business opportunities. The US brand COACH announced recently that it will layout the mainland of China at the rate of at least 30 new stores a year to enhance and consolidate its share in the market.

With the expansion of speed, luxury brands encounter increasingly difficult talent. Recently, Zhejiang University and the Lyon High School of Commerce in France jointly launched the "Luxury Management International MBA project", hoping to cultivate more local talents through two years of study.

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