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MIZUNO Golf Shoes Push New Model, Waterproof Function 1380 Yuan.

2012/5/17 13:12:00 62

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Then push the new product, integrated the high waterproof performance and comfort performance of "comfortable waterproof all-weather" concept golf shoes officially landed in the franchise stores.

From last year's waterproof and breathable style to the evolution of ion-mask and Cool Breathes technology, MIZUNO has been striving for excellence in golf shoes and striving to bring more comfortable feelings to consumers.

This ultra light waterproof series can not only prevent the infiltration of rainwater, but also keep the shoes in a comfortable state for a long time.

Although there are no detachable spikes in the sole, the IG MULTI spikes that can improve the performance of the ground are used to improve the distance and direction of the ball in the process of hitting.

The design of ultra light weight not only reduces energy consumption, but also supports your feet firmly and brings unprecedented comfort.

It is reported that MIZUNO Golf "comfortable waterproof all weather".

Concept shoes

It has landed in stores, the price is 1380 yuan / double.

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