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Celebrating The 50Th Anniversary Of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, And The Nine Fashion Colleges Around The World

2012/5/17 13:21:00 68

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Nine fashion colleges across the world are promoting fashion show.

At the celebration of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology's 50th anniversary anniversary, the Academy joined the world famous fur material brand SAGAFURS world fur, invited 9 famous clothing colleges and universities in the world, and 12 fashion stars in Beijing fashion design Plaza to show the latest fashion fur design works as a gift to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology.

SAGAFURS family fur pays great attention to the training and education of talents. "China is not only an important market, but also a source of inspiration for young designers," said Fei Li Yao, President of Finland fur auction and director of fur marketing.

Family leather is very honored to cooperate with Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology. We believe that Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology is the center of academic, research and skills in China and even the world fashion industry.

Now the cooperation between the two sides is not only diversified but also effective.

The family's fur not only sponsors the graduation design of the North dress, but also sets up a fur workshop in northern dress, exploring the new way of fur design education together.

It is understood that Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology is the earliest and closest Chinese Design Institute with the family fur.

Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology is the only full-time college in the whole country that has the characteristics of "clothing" naming, art, engineering, economics, management and other disciplines.

The college is located in the north of Heping Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The campus is adjacent to the beautiful Yuan Dadu ancient ruins park.

The college was founded in 1959. It was formerly known as Beijing Textile Institute of technology. It was renamed Beijing Chemical Fiber Engineering Institute in 1961, and was expanded and expanded to Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology in 1987.

Originally affiliated with the Ministry of textile industry, it was jointly administered by the Ministry of education and Beijing in 1998, mainly in Beijing city.

The Institute now has six departments and 17 undergraduate specialties and 8 master's degree conferring points and 1 second degree places. There are 7400 students in all kinds, and there are dozens of students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The Institute has 707 faculty members, including 323 full-time teachers, 170 senior and senior titles, 196 master's degree, 22 doctoral and postdoctoral candidates, experts with outstanding contributions from the state level, 34 experts who enjoy special government allowances, and more than 60 part-time doctoral tutors and master mentors.

The college has an area of 87 thousand square meters and a building area of 126 thousand and 600 square meters, of which the clothing complex building library, the national costume museum, the fashion design center, the modern education technology center, the Science Lecture Hall and the fashion show hall are all in one body, with a floor area of 37 thousand square meters, which is magnificent.

The Institute adheres to the road of running schools with characteristics, and actively explores and initially forms a school running characteristic that combines traditional culture with modern dress culture, and combines art design with high and new technology.

Through interdisciplinary cooperation, curriculum integration and mutual elective courses of engineering and art students, students can expand their knowledge and enhance their practical ability.

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