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Digital Valentine'S Day 520 Is Coming. The 520 Combination Of American Shoes Is Your Choice.

2012/5/17 13:24:00 37

Digital Valentine'S DayBeauty Shoes520.

The World Trade Plaza first launched the modern family "520 combined price", the third "one hundred thousand pairs of shoes Taobao season" started.

May 20th is known as

Digital Valentine's Day

In addition to speaking out, do you want to show your love in action? The World Trade Plaza first promoted the modern family "520 combined price", that is, "men's shoes + women's shoes + children's shoes", each pair costs only 520 yuan, and the friends will buy shoes for their families together, and express "520, I love you".

It is understood that more than 50 shoes in the shoe area of the 6 floor of the World Trade Plaza participated in the modern family's "520 combined price" activities.

This event began on Friday, the third "one hundred thousand double" of World Trade Plaza.

Beauty shoes

The "treasure season" also opened the curtain.

For this reason, Xiaobian made an early visit to the camp and learned that there are two reasons for recommending the Taobao season:

First, the super priced modern family "520 combined price".

As long as the shoes in the shoe area are marked with "$520" combined price tag, choose "men's shoes + women's shoes + children's shoes" each pair. No matter how high the previous paction price is, three shoes are traded at 520 yuan, and different brands can also be traded.

This 520 combination price has hundreds of activities, and has participated in up to 50 brands. Among them, Kang Li, kissing cat, Cartier Le crocodile, Goldlion, Bumblebee, ABC, Montagut and other popular names are all involved.

In order to make the combination price attractive, the brands will be honest again.

The sale price is 368-468 yuan for men's shoes, and the sale price is 268 yuan. If customers do not buy them according to the combination of "male + Female + child", they can not enjoy the above price.

Together with friends, you can enjoy super value combination price.

One hundred thousand, the United States shoes to mobilize the province to ensure that the money is beautiful enough.

In order to ensure this activity, the World Trade Center pferred from the whole province to one hundred thousand pairs of fashionable spring and summer super value, guaranteed that the money was beautiful and the goods were enough, and picked it up.

Women's shoes include wave elements, bow ties, high water tables and other latest popular elements. Children's shoes have mesh, foam bottom candy color and other popular elements in Taobao products.


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