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Summer Fashion Is The Most Fashionable In Swimming Bathing Suits.

2012/5/17 13:39:00 14


The fashion of swimsuit is no longer a new topic.


And what about the traditional conjoined SWIMSUIT? Since the beginning of last spring and summer, many Australian brands have launched some conformal swimsuits with design sense printing. These ordinary swimsuits are full of fashion sense instantly, and are suitable for the early summer.

Swimsuit jeans

Swimsuit products

Vintage Style

WE ARE HANDSOME calico printed swimsuit

The same color cardigan and tight jeans are the standard for stars to get out of the street.


It seems to be mediocre, but every single item is pretty good.

Relaxed swimsuit collocation rule

We Are Handsome proud peacock print

one piece

The boy's taste coat and chimney trousers are collocation with the blue tone swimsuit and handbag.


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