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Fashion Designer "Hai Kao" Fever, Recommended By Italy'S Top Art Institutions.

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Italy fashion design: the most popular overseas art examination

Every year, the "art examination" scenes in China can always be described as hot, and now this craze has also spread to the overseas study market.

As one of the birthplaces of many of the world's top luxury brands, Italy attracts students from all over the world with its long history and high quality of teaching.

Fashion design is one of its most famous strengths, and its prospects for employment after graduation are also very promising.

Application requirements

According to the relevant regulations of Italy, students who graduated from high school in China are eligible to apply for undergraduate courses in Italy.

However, the 380 point of the college entrance examination scores is a rigid stipulation issued by Italy embassies and consulates at present.

This has nothing to do with whether or not it has been accepted by the University of Italy. Even in other names, such as studying in Italy, Italy first came to Italy, but as long as the public schools in Italy were required to submit a statement issued by the consular office of the Italy embassy, the applicants would be admitted and registered.

Tuition fees, if you attend a public university in Italy, the tuition fee is only more than 1000 euros because of tuition waiver, so the cost is relatively low. If you attend private colleges in Italy, the tuition fee will be 8000-14000 euros per year.

The freshmen or sophomores at home can enroll in the University of Italy, not only for admission, but also for pferring credits, which can be pferred to the school system of Italy schools.

In this way, the first phase of Italy's degree can be obtained in the next two years.

Employment prospects

China is one of the most competitive industries in China.

Clothing industry

In recent years, it is undergoing tremendous changes from simple processing imitation to development innovation.

The merit of fashion designers is self-evident.

Because of this, excellent fashion designers have become the object of competition for major garment enterprises.

Especially at this stage, many


Companies are lamenting that excellent design talents are hard to get.

Many fashion design schools in Italy will create diverse internship opportunities for students to understand the practical work of the fashion industry.

For example, Maran Gene Institute of fashion and design, schools and enterprises or fashion studio jointly organized activities, up to 80 times a year, and colleges generally give graduate students and last year's graduates arrange internship opportunities.

In addition to giving students and Graduates Career Guidance and practical interview guides, the college's employment guidance also arranges students to contact with business units.

So far, every year, about 520 enterprises are in touch with fashion studios and Maran Gene employment guidance center, helping 95% of the graduates get employed.

The famous Armani, Versace, Prada, Gucci and other companies all have Maran Gene graduates.

Among them, the staff of Versace Versace and Prada 80% came from the Malayan college.

Tips for overseas Chinese newspapers

Italy's top art schools recommend

Maran Gene fashion and Design Institute (Istituto Marangoni) was established in Milan in:1935, with the goal of delivering and training senior professionals to the fashion and design industry.

In terms of design and fashion, the Institute can now teach undergraduate courses (3 years), specialist courses (1 years) and postgraduate courses.

Disciplines covered: fashion business, fashion buyer, brand management and fashion promotion, interior design, product design and graphic design.

Domus Academy, founded in:1982 in Italy, is one of the thirty best design institutes in the world in Milan,:1982.

College majors include clothing accessories design and costume design.

In addition, the Institute has a world-class reputation in leather products and Shoes Design Research Institute -- Ars Sutoria Research Institute.

The fashion design profession has been recognized by the Italy Fashion Association, so that students can receive direct and specific training in the well-known enterprises closely associated with the multi Moss Institute in Italy, and feel the new and high quality teaching methods.

Italy NABA School of art and design (NABA): private college, founded by Ausonio Zappa and Guido Ballo and Tito Varisco in Milan in 1980.

In 1990, NABA joined ELIA (Alliance of European art schools), and the college's fashion design course was taught in English. After graduation, employment opportunities were extensive.

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