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Ordifen Cup 2012 China Underwear Design Competition

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The "Ordifen" cup 2012 China jointly organized by China Fashion Designers Association and Ordifen International Group


The design competition has been launched.

The theme of this competition is "green movement curve", using environmental protection.


Create a graceful body curve for women.

The deadline for this competition is June 15, 2012. The award ceremony will be held in late October, Mercedes Benz China International Fashion Week 2013 spring and summer series.


1. Organisers

China Fashion Designers Association Ordifen International Group

Two, annual theme

Green dynamic curve -- using environmental protection fashion to create women's graceful body curve

Three, the purpose of the competition

Excavating the essence of Chinese underwear, creating the perfect combination of fashion and classic.

Reshape the new mileage of underwear industry and enhance the design concept of inheritance and innovation.

Four, design requirements

1, match the theme of the competition, close to the market, fashion lingerie series (each series of 5 sets, in addition to basic bra, bottompants, must include pajamas, underwear outside wear)

2, the design style is unique, the craft modelling is perfect, has the environmental protection consciousness;

3, strong sense of fashion, pay attention to the combination of fashion and culture innovation.

4, the overall sense of the series is strong, fully embody female aesthetic feeling and consider underwear wearing function.

5, fashion, sports, leisure and so on.

Five. Evaluation of the works

1. Preliminary competition finalists: according to the design draft submitted by the contestants, 30 players were selected to enter the semi-finals.

2, ready-made clothes rematch: according to the series of garment underwear made by the first round athletes, 20 athletes were selected to enter the finals and the eliminated players were awarded the award.

3, finals: according to the finalists and finalists, the final selection of gold, silver and bronze awards.

The jury consists of famous scholars from home and abroad, underwear experts and business representatives.

The design draft requirements are: 27cm * 40cm color rendering and style structure diagram, fabric material sample and process, design description;

(1) the structure and special sewing process of each style should be specified in the form of white drawing.

(2) environmental protection concept and environmental protection


The application should be explained.

(3) a series of topics, inspirations, design features, styles, environmental elements, popular elements and consumer positioning need to be explained.

Physical work requirements: 5 series of women's underwear and matching accessories are selected according to the selected design draft.

Six, the establishment of awards

Gold prize 1 bonus 20000 yuan Excellence Award 14 bonus 3000 yuan.

Silver Award 2 bonus 12000 yuan finalists award 10 prize 1000 yuan

The bronze prize 3 bonus 6000 yuan manufacture craft prize 1 bonus 1000 yuan.

Creative accessories award 1 bonus 1000 yuan market potential award 1 prize 1000 yuan

The above awards are awarded by the China Fashion Designers Association.

Seven, competition schedule

Submission of entries before June 15, 2012, notification of selected works from June 25, 2012 to July 5th

July 5, 2012 - August 25th selected underwear design series production in August 2012 late season rematch

Final and awarding ceremony in late October 2012

Eight. Instructions for entry

Teachers and students from all over the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas fashion designers and institutions can compete independently.

1, entries should be submitted to the design draft, and each work series will be restricted to 1 people.

2. Entries should be original works and must not infringe upon other people's intellectual property rights. Once they are found, they will be disqualified.

3. The design draft will not be returned. The deadline is June 15, 2012.

4. Name, gender, age, contact address, telephone, fax and mailbox on the back of the competition design draft.

5. The pportation and accommodation expenses for the semi-finals in Shanghai will be borne by the sponsor; the cost of pportation and accommodation will be borne by the sponsor.

6. The works of the finalists are collected by the organizers of the competition, and the organizers have the right to publicize and display all the entries.

Address: No. 3, Jiuxianqiao Road, D, PARK, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 3 floor, block A, Beijing Club (100015)

China Fashion Designers Association Ordifen Cup China underwear design competition

Contact: Li Jianfeng, Wu Fan: 010-84562288 to 305, 301

Fax: 010-84572699 e-mail: ordifen@fashion.org.cn/cfd_ordifen@sina.com

Website: www.fashion.org.cn/www.chinafashionweek.org

Sina micro-blog: http://weibo.com/u/1166074845 Ordifen competition

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