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Men'S Elegance And Honor

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First, we must base on quality and focus on the terminal market, accurately locate products and company strategies, explore and meet the real needs of consumers, and then differentiate them through brand culture and other brands.

Mr. Wu Jun said that the main brand of Zhengzhou Dior clothing, the British GAD dragon Menswear, was distinguished from its competitors by Savile Row's excellent craft quality since its foundation.

Journalists can walk away from shopping malls and business men's wear areas. They can always find such weird phenomena. Most of the brand men's clothes are like a mold.

For the problem of facealization of middle and high class men's clothing, Mr. Wu Jun pointed out sharply: "there are three main reasons for this problem: first, the phenomenon of homogeneity of men's clothing products is very serious; two, men's brand positioning lacks individuality; three, the main consumer groups, the age level has undergone great changes, and the new clothing products have maintained the original appearance, resulting in the current high-end business men's clothing can only rely on discounts to stimulate sales."

Business people are gradually becoming younger, but many old men's clothing is still used for many years. They believe that the original consumers have become dependent on them and established trust in the brand, so they are unwilling to risk giving up the group. This makes their product design become rigid and rotten as the age of the early consumer groups grows.

At the same time, with the popularization of information technology, the latest international fashion information can be pmitted to China at the first time, while consumers are getting new information, and they also put forward higher requirements for clothing quality.

Mr. Wu Jun told reporters that the British men's clothing has been keen to catch market trends, accurately grasp the trend of fashion, and carry out sustainable reform in product design, R & D, designer team and brand culture construction.

Mr. Wu Jun believes that consumers are more and more rational in accepting fashion, and will require brand enterprises to be innovative. Therefore, enterprises must first improve their product design and research capabilities; secondly, make clear the brand positioning and get rid of the shadow of homogenization; thirdly, clear operation of terminal stores, increase the development of franchise stores, and enhance the operation quality of single stores; fourth, enterprises should innovate in mode, improve management system and improve operational capability.

Thanks to the series of outstanding and effective innovations and reforms,

Men's wear

With the mission of letting consumers enjoy high quality life, we carefully create fine costumes, skillfully combine British culture with international fashion, and create a wonderful interpretation of the British gentleman's artistic life, just like tailored three-dimensional cutting technology and royalty treatment shopping experience, so that every successful man dressed in the British gendaron man's suit can show his elegance and honor.

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