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"Jordan Cup" Seventh China Sports Equipment Design Competition

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Jordan CupSports Equipment Design CompetitionChina Sports Equipment


The seventh China sports equipment design competition, jointly organized by the China Fashion Designers Association and Jordan sports Limited by Share Ltd, has been launched in.

The theme of this competition is "dream and sail". Athletes and designers and teachers from all over the country and at home and abroad can sign up for the competition. The deadline for the competition is June 25, 2012. The award ceremony will be held in the 2013 spring and summer series of Mercedes Benz China International Fashion Week in late October.


China Fashion Designers Association / Jordan sports Limited by Share Ltd

Theme: dream and sail

Create your own fairway, set sail with your dreams, and build a stage for you to realize your dreams.

Category of entries



Series design (5 sets)

2, sports shoes series design (3~5 pairs)

Registration time

From now until June 25, 2012.

Competition schedule

March 27, 2012 press conference

Early April 2012 to June 25th special lecture on sports equipment design, application and contribution

Notice of selection issued in early July 2012

Design works were selected in mid July 2012 -10

In mid September 2012, selected works were uploaded to designated websites.

Final and awarding ceremony in late October 2012

Request for works

1, design direction: entries are limited to professional sports and fashion sports styles, while interpreting the theme of the competition, "dream sailing".

2, the entries must reflect the positive spirit of sports and professional sports attitude.

3, the embodiment of professional sports function characteristics of entries can be considered from three aspects:

(1) sports protection for professional athletes;

(2) promotion of sports achievements;

(3) comfort of wearing;

4, close to the market, contains fashionable fashion sports shoes or sports shoes series.

5. Innovative design concept, unique style, fine production, complete matching of accessories.

6, each entry should reflect the symbol of Jordan's sports (please mark it from Jordan's official website http://www.qiaodan.com).

Expressive form

1. Entries:

(1) sportswear design provides positive and rear effect diagrams and styles.

(2) sports shoes design provides positive and rear, waist, waist and sole of the effect diagram and style map;

(3) design specifications 27cmx40cm and 29cmx42cm after mounting.

(4) please indicate the originality and process instructions on the front of the style map, and attach fabric (5cmx5cm) and accessories samples.

(5) the series design is designed for professional sports. Please specify the categories of sports.

(6) a functional design plan for professional sports will be preferred.

(7) the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify the applicants who do not meet the specifications. Do not use light version of the equal thickness paper.

2. Final works:

(1) sportswear design will produce 5 sets of physical works according to the selected design draft. Jordan sports will provide garment making fabrics for the finalists according to the existing fabric of the enterprise.

(2) the design of sneakers will be provided with detailed design and process draft according to the selected design draft, and will be obtained from Jordan company.


Instructions for entry

1, teachers and students from all over the country and at home and abroad can enter the competition.

2. Entries should be original works that have not been published and shall not infringe upon others' intellectual property rights.

3, one or two categories of sportswear or sneakers can be selected.

4, the entries should be submitted to the design draft, and each group will be restricted to 1 people.

5. The design manuscript will not be returned. The deadline is June 25, 2012.

6, name, unit, contact address, telephone and electronic mailbox on the back of the effect map of the competition.

7. The pportation expenses of the participants to Beijing will be taken care of by themselves, and the lodging and lodging in Beijing will be borne by the sponsor.

8. Gold, silver and bronze works are collected by the organizers of the competition, and the organizers have the right to publicize and display all entries.

Prize setting

Design Gold Award 2 (shoes and clothing each 1): reward 30000 yuan.

Design Silver Award 2 (shoes and clothing each 1): reward 20000 yuan.

Design Bronze Award 2 (shoes and clothing each 1): reward 15000 yuan.

2 creative awards (1 shoes and shoes): 5000 yuan reward

Internet popularity award 2 (shoes and clothing each 1): reward 5000 yuan.

30 awards for excellence (15 for shoes and clothing): 3000 yuan reward.

The above awards are awarded by the China Society of fashion designers. The finalists will be awarded the "Jordan" brand new clothing and sports shoes, and will have the opportunity to work for Jordan.

Contact mode

Address: No. three, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, D.PARK, three floor, A block, Beijing Club (100015)

China Fashion Designers Association "Jordan Cup" Organizing Committee

Contact: Wu Fan, Li Jianfeng, Tel: 010-84562288 to 301/305

Fax: 010-84572699 e-mail: qiaodan@fashion.org.cn/qiaodancup@126.com

Website: www.fashion.org.cn/www.chinafashionweek.org/ www.qiaodan.com

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