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2012 China'S Top 100 Green Companies Announced That AOKANG Became The Only Shoe Company.

2012/5/18 10:53:00 36

China Green CorporationAOKANGEnvironmental Protection Shoe Enterprises.

The top 100 awards were selected through the screening of nearly 1000 enterprises, the comprehensive network voting and expert review two parts of the views to confirm the list, and for the first time in the industry rankings.

There are some basic conditions for its selection, and economic strength, environmental responsibility and social responsibility are three core values of the selection index.

Some strict exclusionary criteria have been set up, such as those that do not involve major controversies in the economic, social and environmental aspects, such as bad nature, great social impact, and enterprises that are not conducive to the management of enterprises, and do not include enterprises in the tobacco and military industries. They do not include fully monopolized and unmarketed enterprises in railways, electric power and public utilities, and do not include enterprises that neither publish social responsibility reports nor disclose public information related to social environment.

The "2012 China Green company top 100 list", a cross industry evaluation of sustainable competitiveness of enterprises, was unveiled in Wuhan.


And HUAWEI, Lenovo, 31 and so on China's 100 most "green" and the most healthy companies on the list.

AOKANG is the only listed company in China's leather industry.

AOKANG has always insisted on the aim of building low carbon shoes and building green enterprises. In the industry, it is the first to promote "green procurement standards for shoes materials".

Shoe material environmental protection

Entry threshold.

Through a series of energy saving and emission reduction measures such as energy saving lamp pformation and oven pformation, it has brought economic benefits to enterprises, and has also enhanced the awareness of energy saving for all employees.

In this selection, AOKANG has performed well in the comprehensive evaluation of the five indicators of economy, society, environment, innovation and pparency.

It is understood that this annual selection is sponsored by the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club. The private think tank, the Dao Agriculture Research Institute and the green company magazine have been held for the five time. They track the annual comprehensive situation of the target candidates every year and make an assessment.

This year, the list of top 100 green companies in China is released jointly with the list. The report summarizes the development trend of green economy this year, analyzes the cases of the top 100 companies listed above, and the general situation of sustainable development in many industries. 2012




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