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"Big Cup" Start Of The Fourth China Fashion Leather Design Competition

2012/5/18 11:03:00 33

Big CupLeather Design CompetitionChinese Fashion Leather


The fourth China should be held jointly by the China Fashion Designers Association and Tianjin Ying Da Limited by Share Ltd


The leather design competition starts at the end of March.

The theme of this competition is "go beyond the beauty and Transcend". We hope that the designers will join in their own unique design concepts and move towards a more perfect and perfect realm on the basis of understanding the big brands and corporate culture, and create a new era of leather and fashion.

The deadline for this competition is June 28, 2012. The award ceremony will be held in the 2013 spring summer series of Mercedes Benz China International Fashion Week at the end of October.

The competition requires that the entries are mainly made of genuine leather, and can be used locally or partly according to the needs of the work.

Material Science

Men's and women's wear are not limited; they are in line with the trend of fashion and have distinct theme culture characteristics.



The fashion design request: 27CM X 40CM, plus the style, material, design and Inspiration of the front and back; in kind works: after the entry, the works are made in 3-5 sets, complete with all the accessories.

The entries must be original works, and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. If they are found, they will be disqualified from the competition; the participants will be provided with a garment production fee of RMB 4000 yuan per person; the design of the competition is not refundable, please keep the original manuscript (with the postmark on the postmark); the name, gender, age, contact address, telephone, fax and mailbox should be noted on the back of the fashion design draft; the pportation expenses for the finalists to attend the finals in Beijing will be taken care of by themselves; the cost of accommodation for the athletes in Beijing will be borne by the sponsor; the gold and silver and bronze award winning clothing and design effect maps shall be collected by the Museum of leather goods, and the copyright shall be owned by the organizers, and the organizers shall have the right to publicize and display all the entries. All the designers including fashion designers from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and teachers and students of fashion colleges can participate in the competition. Entries must be submitted to the fashion design draft, with a limit of 1 for each series.

Competition schedule:

March 2012 - June 28th signing up for submission

In the first half of July 2012, competition design draft was selected, and a notice of entry was issued.

Mid July 2012 to mid October finalists for leather fashion show series

October 25, 2012 -31 Mercedes Benz China International Fashion Week finals and Awards


The gold prize is 1 yuan, 20000 yuan, 2 yuan, 12000 yuan.

The bronze award was 2 yuan, 8000 yuan, 15 outstanding, and a certificate of merit.

The above awards are from China.


The Designers Association jointly awarded the honorary certificate with Tianjin Ying Da International dress limited company.

The winners will have the opportunity to become designers of "Ying Da" company.

In addition, gold, silver and copper winning works will be collected by the Museum of leather goods, and the certificate of collection will be issued.

Address: room 427, room 12, East Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing (100742)

Contact: Li Fei Zhang Yuanyuan, Tel: (010) 8522948785229594 Fax: (010) 85229037

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