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Recently, The Cocoon Silk Market In Jiaxing Is Mixed.

2012/5/18 11:16:00 17

Textile ExportsCocoon Silk TradingShrinkage

Silk quilt

The 17 day (Thursday) is half red and green.

Cocoon filament

The composite index was closed at 3124.42.

1206 dried cocoons reported that 102200 yuan was unchanged from yesterday, 1206B silk fell 1200 yuan to close at 314400 yuan; 1209 dry cocoons received 101500 yuan, unchanged from yesterday, 1209B silk fell 300 yuan to receive 314400 yuan; 1303 dry cocoons and B Silk Rose 400 yuan and 900 yuan respectively, respectively, earning 400 yuan and winning yuan.


Transaction shrinkage

B silk traded 59 hands.

1209B silk reduces 22 positions, 1303B silk adds 2 positions.

The first batch of cocoon acquisitions in Guangxi has basically ended, and the second batch of cocoons in Hengxian and other regions have been listed. Prices have basically leveled off with the first batch, and the disk has maintained a trend of volatility today. Buyers and sellers are also cautious.

On the macro level, the Fed raised the QE3 plan again, the market worried mood eased, and the commodity rebounded. However, as the situation in the euro area became increasingly tense and the market was less optimistic, the commodity would remain relatively weak.


Textile export

Looking at it, industry exports increased by 0.46% in 1-4 months, down 5.4% in April and 0.06% in the same month.

From the US, EU, Japan and other regional recovery progress, the EU is weaker, and the US market is slightly stronger.

Since the two quarter of 2012, the global economy and the international market are expected to show a gradual stabilization trend under the impetus of the US and emerging economies. If the European debt solution can achieve more positive progress, the stability is expected to improve.

The development of the silk industry can not be separated from the background of the entire textile industry. The proportion of domestic textile output value has been increasing since the beginning of this year. Although sales growth has shown signs of obvious decline, the domestic demand market will still be the primary support for the textile industry.

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