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Zhejiang Southern Bedroom Carey Brand Leads Fashion Trend

2012/5/18 11:12:00 46

Man Carey BrandZhejiang South BeddingSouth BeddingBrand

In May 9th, Zhejiang Southern bedding decorations held a new autumn and Winter Conference.

Shang Chao brand Carey

The launching ceremony.

According to the introduction, "Mann Carey" is a southern bedding decoration launched in 2011 to do only one thing.

Gift industry

Its sub brand is famous for its simplicity and elegance. Its bold coloring, smooth and rounded pattern design and exquisite local design have attracted much attention in the gift industry.

In 2012, the southern bedroom decoration "Mann Carey" from the past only.


Channel, turn into a new marketing mode of entity sale + Gift channel.

Yu Shuilin, manager of Carey's operations, said Mann Carey was a member of marketing, and anyone could join the club.

Members of the club can get the most popular fashion information at the moment.

They hope that through such consumption guidance and various forms of interaction, they will gradually lead the fashion of bed.

Yu Shuilin said: "this allows members to enter the store to experience or through members of the publicity materials, manuals marketing way, so that consumers first understand Carey brand, and then do the promotion, the success rate will be higher.

Moreover, in the physical store, we classify products into true love life, extraordinary taste, fashion trend, petty bourgeois women and core category. It is very convenient for consumers to choose suitable products in shops.

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