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2013 The Eighth China (Shanghai) International Hosiery Trade Fair

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International Hosiery Trade FairHosieryFairExhibition

2013 the Eighth China (Shanghai) International hosiery Trade Fair

Time: 4-6 March 2013

Venue: Shanghai Expo exhibition hall (No. 1099 Guo Hang Road)

Sponsor: China Underwear Co., Ltd. Shanghai underwear



Organizer: Shanghai gohua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Special support at home and abroad: Zhuji Hosiery Association / Haining Hosiery Association / Yiwu Hosiery Association / Taiwan Hosiery Industry Association

Japan Nara fiber industry synergy Association / USA socks Association / Pakistan hosiery Alliance (PHMA)

Italy Fashion Promotion Agency (I love Italia fashion) and more than 100 professional media support.

Booth size: 20000 square meters

Number of booths: 800 booths

Official website: www.chpe.com.cn




The 2012 seventh China (Shanghai) International hosiery Trade Fair (CHPE), hosted by the China homology Co Ltd and the Shanghai lingerie industry association, held in Shanghai on March 2012, was successfully held on 5-7 th.

The exhibition area is 17000 square meters, with nearly 300 exhibitors. Among them, there are 39 international exhibitors and 500 exhibitors.

The 3 day exhibition attracted nearly 35 professional buyers from nearly 35 countries and regions, and more than 5000 foreign purchasers. The products from China, Japan, Korea, Pakistan and other hosiery industry show the world's best quality socks for men and women, stockings, socks, socks, socks and other products.

Exhibitors praised the Shanghai stockings fair to provide effective ways for them to meet professional buyers and understand the latest trends in the rapidly changing market.

CHPE is becoming more and more popular in the industry, becoming the most professional and large-scale exhibition in the hosiery industry.

The Eighth China (Shanghai) International Conference 2013


The fair will be pleasantly surprised, and we will be here with you in Shanghai.

Why do you participate in the exhibition?

Shanghai hosiery Trade Fair (CHPE) - extraordinary space unlimited

International platform - the collection of many hosiery brands at home and abroad to promote the development of innovative ideas

High quality spectators - high quality spectators invite Shanghai Expo exhibition hall - the top exhibition hall to help fly the dream.

Best marketing return!

A group of industry associations worthy of brand input will meet you on the spot.

Europe and the United States brand marketing director of socks industry, domestic and international large and medium-sized clothing Brand Company policymakers, multinational purchasing companies senior buyers, domestic two or three line city retail owners / distributors / product agents, network operators, such as nearly 10000 professional buyers.

A brand all-around media exposure and brand building campaign

More than 200 domestic and foreign media direct 365- live online promotion

A platform for connecting future cooperation networks of enterprises

Enrich on-site business activities, find buyers and like-minded partners for you.

On the spot high-end forum, industry trend report, on-site buyers matching plan, to build a face-to-face strength for you.

Every spectator or exhibitor at the scene may become an important partner for your future.

CHPE 2013 a platform for communication that can not be missed.

Exhibition schedule

Exhibition time: 2 - 3 March 2013

Exhibition time: 4--6 March 2013

Withdrawal time: 14:30 p.m. on March 6, 2013

Scope of exhibits


Tights, fashion socks, stockings, jacquard socks, lace socks, sling socks, seven points trousers, nine pants, mesh socks, seamless underwear / ladies underwear, etc.


Men's socks, socks, socks, baby socks, terry socks, student socks, boat socks, stockings, cotton socks, cotton socks, towels, sports socks, health socks, massage socks, nano socks, Ski socks, medical socks, Y socks, golf socks, bamboo socks, carbon fiber socks, etc.

Hosiery machine

Computer high speed silk stocking machine, computerized jacquard towel hosiery machine, double needle hosiery machine, single needle hosiery machine, automatic socks hosiery machine, embroidered hosiery machine, stocking machine, jacquard hosiery machine, computer hosiery machine, small computer hosiery machine, integral machine, embroidery machine, hosiery equipment, dyeing equipment, etc.

Raw materials for socks industry

Spandex, polyester, cotton yarn, nylon, acrylic, covered yarn, rubber cord, polypropylene, lace, Lycra core spun yarn, blended yarn / fancy yarn, nylon stretch yarn, functional fiber, etc.

Display forms: physical samples, pictures and words, sound and image data, models and so on (the products involving intellectual property disputes are declined on display).

Exhibition fee

Standard booth: (Note: double-sided opening plus 20% charge!

Domestic enterprises: 9800 (RMB) /9 square meters (3m * 3M)

11800 (RMB) /9 square meters (boutique booth)

International Enterprises: 3000 (USD) /9 square meters (3m * 3M)

Domestic enterprises and international enterprises provide three sides of the panels (including double openings), one table two chairs, Chinese and English linen boards, two spotlights, 220V/5A power outlets and one booth, and all the booths are covered with carpet; (boutique exhibits include special display, special layout, three hole panels, hooks and other related display props).

Light land: 1000 / RMB per square metre (36 square meters);

"Guang Di" only provides exhibition space, does not include exhibition rack, exhibits, does not contain special exhibition hall management fees, power costs;

Journal advertising (RMB)

Cover: 30000 yuan, back cover: 20000 yuan black and white full page: 3000 yuan arch: 5000 yuan (15M)

Seal 2: 18000 yuan, seal 3: 12000 yuan color full page: 6000 yuan outdoor advertising: 5000 yuan (3MX6M)

Please contact us for more exhibition information.

Shanghai gohua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Address: room 1206-1208, Xin'an building, 99 Tian Zhou road, Shanghai, zip code: 200233

Telephone (Tel):+86-21-54451978

Fax (Fax):+86-21-54451218

Contact: Song Peipei 15900879278

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