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And Eagle'S Service Aim: "We Can'T Delay Every Minute Of Our Customers".

2012/5/21 10:31:00 39

Eagle Technology

Excellent staff of Eagle

Hawks and after-sales service staff received frequent praise from users.

There are such a group of people, who are energetic and skilled, and gallop every day in the north and south of the river.

They have wives and children, and parents, but they rarely get together for a few days in a year.

Although they are only a few minutes away from their homes, they can often get away from work and meet the contemporary "Da Yu".

Who are they, they are

Eagle Technology

Those lovely after-sales service engineers.

The key to doing after-sale service is service quality and service attitude.

Hong Zhenya, an after-sale service engineer, has completed the installation and commissioning of the user ahead of time with the help of his superior assembly technology in the urgent task of urgent production and urgent production of the equipment. He has also actively adjusted and planned the technological process for the users, and has carried out the operation training with all his heart and soul, so that the user has obtained the best production efficiency and quality, and has been highly praised by the users.

And when customer demand is very urgent, overtime work and overnight driving are also very common among this group of admirable after-sale young men.

Liang Shuai, a hardworking and diligent young worker, worked overtime for two days and two nights to serve the users, with the fastest speed, allowing users to resume production and reduce losses, so that users were very moved.

Later, when asked if I was tired of working overtime, the simple fellow smiled and said, "tired, of course tired, I am also an ordinary person, but we, as after-sales service personnel, can not delay every minute of our customers."

It is also worthwhile for customers to resume production at an early date. "

"All for customers" is a solemn promise made by Eagle Technology to users.

In order to enable users to get faster and higher quality services, Eagle technology has equipped 100 professional and responsible after-sales service engineers throughout the country, and 100 after-sales service professional vehicles that are able to provide customers with services quickly.

In all parts of the country, Eagle Technology post sale technology service center provides users with demonstration, maintenance and training services anytime, anywhere.

The "119" quick after sale service response and the "800" after-sales service hotline once again narrow the distance between users and Eagle Technology.

Today's Eagle Technology, with more efforts and efforts than before, stride forward on the road of automatic tailoring and popularization.

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