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Guangzhou Fashion Clothing Vocational Training Institute Graduation Design Works Staged "Fashion Manifesto"

2012/5/28 9:51:00 23

College Fashion Week

Exhibition of clothing design graduates from Guangzhou fashion clothing vocational training college

On the evening of May 26th, 2012 China (Guangdong) college students fashion week fifth press conference, Guangzhou fashion clothing vocational training institute graduation design exhibition in Guangzhou International Textile City wonderful performance.

This exhibition takes the fashion declaration as the theme, condensing the 20 series of teachers and students' painstaking efforts and sweat. They are of different styles, colorful, fashionable, urban avant-garde, classical elegance, and romantic freshness.

Beautiful city of Guangzhou


Vocational Training Institute Fashion Design Graduation Exhibition {page_break}

The Beauty Academy is the first vocational training institution with the tide of reform and opening up.

32 years of grinding a sword, carrying 130 thousand students' youth and dreams, the graduates all over the Pearl River Delta and the clothing brand factories across the country.

In the past 32 years, the Beauty Academy has set up a "golden key" advanced unit with the employment rate and the high starting rate of employment. It has been awarded the 100% recommended employment for graduates, and 600 garment enterprises with ties and business contacts.

Exhibition of clothing design graduates from Guangzhou fashion clothing vocational training college

This year, it is not the first time to attend college students.

fashion week

Each school will decide the first three to enter the "Guangzhou International Light Textile City" 2012 Guangdong college students' best costume design competition rematch, competing for "60 into 25" promotion qualification.

Xu Cuiyan, the 5 runner of Guangzhou garment vocational training institute, and Zhang Mengmeng's design work, Liu Jie, Chen Yang, the 7 player, designed the fairy tale of the years. The 17 runner Gao Jie's design, "gone with the light," won the tickets for the semi-finals.

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Founded in 1980, Guangzhou beauty clothing vocational training institute has trained 120 thousand professional talents for all parts of the country in the past 32 years. It is one of the largest clothing vocational training bases in Guangdong and Guangzhou.

With the spirit of diligent study and scientific innovation, our institute has trained a large number of garment enterprises backbone in the past 32 years, with the idea of cultivating skilled talents and promoting the development of the brand with integrity.

In the past thirty-two years, the Beauty Academy has trained 120 thousand professionals in clothing design, plate production and clothing production management and marketing for all parts of the country.

The spirit of innovation and professional dedication made the beautiful college unique in the clothing vocational training industry.

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