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The PEAK Champion's Law Continues, And The Heat Will Be The Next Defender.

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The Miami heat went into the Eastern Conference finals on the 25 th. In the absence of injuries and suspension, Bosh and Haslem, who were the main players of the team, eliminated the walkers with the burning spirit and showed the toughness of a trump card. In the next match, Haslem and Bosh will come back one after another. Battier Liberating the overheated defensive pressure, the hot players can wait for a few days to rest and adjust to wait for the winner of the 76 and the green shirts. PEAK's NBA camp has won the Obrien trophy for 3 consecutive years. At present, this tradition is very promising. Heat Brigade Will this be the best defender of this year's champion law?

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The heat has been on the rise for the series of Pacers. Before the games, it was generally thought that the heat would easily advance from the series. However, after the first battle, Bosh's injury seemed to be enveloped in a dark cloud. Next, the heat continued to lose two cities, and the situation took a turn for the worse. After the adjustment, the role players played a key guarantee for the promotion of heat, which included the three point rain in Battier's fifth war.

Bosh's injury made Battier need to put more energy on the defensive end. He also had to shoulder the responsibility of defending the powerful forwards such as West. This explains why Battier's data are very low in several matches. He always faced with players of No. 1 and No. 2, but he had to work harder with his height and weight than his own forward striker. Even so, Batman's burning spirit can still help the team at the offensive side. In the fifth war, Battier's first 3 points three points in the first half of his life changed the habit of the slow heat of the heat team. As a result, it was because of this good start that the heat remained in the leading position until victory. It won the crucial match point and laid the foundation for the promotion of the team.

The law of the playoffs is to get the defenders to win the world, and it is precisely by virtue of excellent defense that jenway can play a strong impact on the opponent's basket. Next, Bosh has great hopes of returning to the Eastern Conference finals, and the line-up will remain intact. Analyzing the possible opponents of the team, the 76 teams are too dependent on AI, and are also attacking teams. They are obviously more mature in the face of their enthusiasm. The Celtics are the most threatening opponents, but defender Bradley's injury will bring strong pressure on the 1st position of the green army, and the strong impact of the heat team will become the key to qualifying for the finals.

The Eastern Conference finals kick off time Beijing time next Tuesday early 8:30, the heat team will obtain the precious adjustment time. Fighting spirit, the heart of the champion has been heating up in the chest of the players. Peak The champion will be more determined to win the championship.

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