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Home Furnishing Day Baer Shenzhen Dongmen Maoming Shop Opens 26 Days

2012/5/28 10:24:00 23

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Recently, I learned that the famous brand of French underwear and home furnishing clothes will be opened in May 26th. Baer's fashion dress, which is popular with young women, will be unveiled in Luohu Business District of Shenzhen after the golden Guanghua Plaza. It will bring a new and more comprehensive fashion trend of underwear and home dress for the business circle in Luohu.

   Four opening ceremony

In addition to the wonderful live performances, LaEIBELLE We also prepared a series of promotional activities of "surprise four rites" for all customers, so that customers can enjoy the extra value surprises in the enjoyment of shopping: 1, enter the shop and be polite; 2, try to wear courtesy; 3, full courtesy; 4, home furnishing clothes, buy the whole house one by one. How can such a concession discount be missed?

Baer entered the eastern gate of Shenzhen this year, laying a good foundation for the layout of the whole country. Industry analysis, day Baer La Eibelle fashion underwear and Leisure wear The Chinese market has strong market demand, and Baer's future market prospects are quite optimistic.

   Time limit: Baer's choice of fashionable underwear and home clothes 1.5 fold

From May 26th to June 4th, every day is wonderful, 85% off, 85% off, 85% off... Baer's brand promotion activities for the masses of customers will be staged in a negative atrium at Jin Guanghua Plaza. Super value selection Lingerie And home furnishing clothes, more exciting, you come to Amoy!

Sexy underwear 10 yuan, 3, the most heartbeat price!! the whole 1.5 fold... Rich discount contents, bra suits, suspenders skirts and pajamas, all kinds of products can be picked at random. No matter how the season changes, no matter which style you prefer, you can always find your love in Baer's world.

Day Baer La EIBELLE, European products and image design, French sophisticated service experience, specifically for young women to provide cost-effective fashion products and meticulous and considerate consumer experience, Japan Baer has always led the latest and most comprehensive underwear and home fashion trend.

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