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Adidas Unveiled New Product, Balloon With Basketball Shoes.

2012/5/29 9:53:00 37

AdidasBalloonBasketball Shoes.

Following the first appearance of the world's lightest basketball shoes adizero Crazy Light 2 for the first time in the sky of Beijing, China in May 19, 2012, showing the lightest limit, the pair of basketball shoes with excellent quality and function reached Shanghai with the cool breeze of summer, and displayed again the ultimate lightness of the local basketball fans in Shanghai Adidas magic.



The lightest basketball shoes in history appeared in Shanghai.

At the Adidas magic square at 691 Huaihai Middle Road, adizero Crazy Light 2 is suspended in the air in the midst of the balloon, showing the lightness of the sneakers to the passers-by.

When adizero Crazy Light 2 was officially launched in May 22nd, it attracted a lot of basketball fans' attention. In order to make the consumers feel the light of the lightest basketball shoes in the world, Adidas placed a balance in the Rubik's cube. Consumers only need to put all their belongings on the scales and balance the adizero Crazy Light 2 on the other side, so that they can get Adidas Crazy Light 2 balloons (100 balloons in total), and adizero Crazy Light 2.

Basketball shoes

20 percent off a shopping voucher, and all players participating in the game can get 10 percent off tickets for adizero Crazy Light 2 basketball shoes.

The adizero Crazy Light 2 store interactive activities attracted a large number of consumers to participate in the activities, the scene also lined up.

By weighing the scales, consumers have more intuitively understood the limit of adizero Crazy Light 2269 grams.

Adizero Crazy Light 2 will be on sale in the Chinese market in May 22nd, priced at 1180 yuan.

The first list of four color series sneakers, including classic black and white color matching, fluorescent yellow matching and two other color matching.


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