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Luo Jingjie: Top Ten Fashion Designers In China

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Luo JingjieDesigner

In the hall, a vacant female voice sings, 2012 Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival costume forum and "Huan Donghua Fashion Week", "Dun Ying Shui Mu" - China's top ten fashion designer Luo Jingjie's special conference opened the curtain. The huge wood like ring is also like the stage background of ink painting. The model is dressed in cotton and linen natural material clothing, exquisite handwork details and ink halo's visual effect, fully showing the theme of this conference: "five lines - water wood". The press conference, through the two series of "wood" and "water", presents the texture, simplicity and nature of "wood" through various fabric finishing, imitation embryo cloth effect, linen knitting embroidery and wood print printing; and "water" is smooth, smooth and enjoyable through various kinds of lifting and dyeing, tie dyeing, brush, folding and digital printing. These are the characteristics of the "shadow /NEOEN" brand. But the brand insists on the attitude of spirit and humanistic care over technology. It hopes to convey the natural and humanistic spirit that looks like microcosmic but similar to traditional Chinese art.

   Luo Jing Jie Starting from the oriental traditional concept, the theme of nature, environmental protection, humanity and art is blended together to form a unique fashion style that makes the brand "international fashion in shape and Oriental thinking in God". At the same time, as an art photographer, Luo Jingjie exhibited the photographic concept works collecting materials when performing his design. Through the different presentation of the two venues inside and outside, the viewer can see the correspondence between "source" and "fruit" in the original works, so as to better understand the different concepts of artistic expression on the same concept.

   Incumbent position:


Assistant dean of fashion design department, School of clothing, Donghua University

Dean of fashion design department, College of fashion design, Donghua University

Research direction: fashion design and teaching

   Main items:

2009-8~2010-8 Hainan Island Island clothing and related content design, Hainan Jinxiu weaving Bay Industrial Co., Ltd., presided over.

2010-6~2010-9 Hainan Island Island costume conference, costume design, production and performance organization, Hainan Jinxiu weaving industry Co., Ltd.

2010-1~2012~12 hosts the Donghua Sheng dun dun cup professional costume design competition, which is commissioned by Jiangsu Sheng Dun dresses Co., Ltd.

   Participation in the project:

2009.6-7 participated in the 2010 World Expo clothing design project in Shanghai. The main work is the design of costume design projects for volunteers, visitor services, concierge receptionist, drivers and properties, etc.

The 2009-5 is to take part in the Chinese fashion trend and Culture Research (phase two) project for men's wear. The main work is to set the direction of the trend and complete the drawing and drawing of the leisure wear.

2009-7~8 participates in the design and supporting services of the logistics service, and participates in the overall planning and style design.

2010-5~6 participates in the design and supporting services of World Expo SAIC general enterprise hall, and participates in the design style proposal and drawing.

2009-5 participate in the research and development of pearl fiber denim fabric and Angel Garden brand planning project, and participate in the cowboy national design competition.

2009-12~2010-4 participates in Huayi's new brand positioning project and participates in the proposal and design of visual elements.


Introduction to fashion design, Donghua University press, 2008.1.1

Brand innovation theory, Donghua University press, 2010.11.1 second author

   Awards were received:

2009-4 works won 2009 gold medals in Chinese warp design competition.

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