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Royal Clothing Is Coming To Shenzhen Fashion Show.

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Shenzhen Fashion Show

Brand overview:

Shenzhen Yu Qiu creative Clothing Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2011. It is located at 97 Li Jia Road, Henggang street, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Is a fashion women's leather, fur design, production and sales of garment enterprises.

The product is made of genuine leather as the basic raw material and perfect match with other materials.

The fashionable style, comfortable and decent edition, exquisite handcraft and humanized sales service form today's fashion brand.

Brand positioning:

It is a smart and confident attitude towards life. It is a clothing brand designed for women to pursue fashion, success and identity.

Target sales group: fashion ladies with mental age of 25-40


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Exhibition Name: 2012 Shenzhen brand clothing exhibition - the twelfth China International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair

Start date: July 7, 2012

End date: July 9, 2012

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre

Organizer: Shenzhen fashion & Fashion Brand Management Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Shenzhen garments



The "Shenzhen Clothing Fair" SZIC was first launched in 2001. From the initial 15 thousand square meters exhibition area, 190 exhibitors and 40 thousand professional spectators, it has developed to the eleventh annual exhibition area of 80 thousand square meters. Nearly 1000 exhibitors and more than 11 million professional spectators have expanded rapidly and their influence has been continuously improved.

The Shenzhen costume fair 2012 continued to provide an important platform for trade cooperation between exhibitors and professional buyers.

Nearly 100000 square meters of exhibition area, nearly 1000 domestic and foreign exhibitors brand, unlimited business opportunities.

Not only is the scale of traditional exhibits expanding, but it also aims at market opportunities, integrating brand resources such as fashion, fur clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, bags, footwear and so on to create a diversified fashion industry chain.

High end dialogue, professional forum, pulse the latest market trends, seize the market opportunities.

Excellent fashion show, Chinese and foreign famous teacher quality show, enjoy fashion feast.

Creative life exhibition, creative design forum, design competition, leading the trend of innovation, showing "original strength".

In the same period as the Hongkong Fashion Festival, we will visit more special exhibitions in Shenzhen and Hong Kong for more business opportunities.

Whether you are agents, franchisees, retailers, trusteeship, purchasers, wholesalers, brand dealers or importers and traders, fashion buyers, fashion designers, SZIC2012, unlimited business opportunities!

Convention and Exhibition types

Apparel / leather / textile

Country / city Shenzhen

Scope of Exhibits

All kinds of brand clothing, fashion accessories and clothing related services and products, including women's wear, men's clothing, pregnancy / Baby / children's clothing, sportswear, underwear, evening dress, fashion accessories, fabrics, accessories, leather, leather goods, bags, garment machinery, fashion information, print and so on.

Shenzhen Convention and exhibition guide,

Charging standard

[booth specification and charge standard]

Exhibition booth price:

1. light booth: 10000 yuan / /9 square meter (36 square meters, without basic configuration).

2. standard booth: 11000 yuan / /9 square meter (including basic configuration)

Fashion special issue

1: $120000 / special.

2: time: within 30 minutes

3: Costumes: 80---100: Venue: Hall 5, China International Exhibition Center.

Price positioning: leather clothing 1000~4000 yuan

Fur 2000~15000 yuan

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