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The International Dress Forum With The Theme Of "Integration And Innovation" Has Been Held Successfully.

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Integration And InnovationInternational Apparel Forum

On the morning of May 21st, the international fashion forum was jointly sponsored by the China Association for science and technology, the Federation of China textile industry, the Hubei provincial government economic and trade department and the Wuhan Textile University. The opening ceremony of the international dress forum of "integration and innovation" and the 2012 Haining China Warp Knitting Science and technology week was held in Wuhan. The purpose of this year's science and technology week is to enhance international exchanges and cooperation, enhance the training of international garment talents, promote the combination of production, teaching and research, promote the development of garment industry, and explore the development of fashion education and fashion industry.

At the same time, it also attracted experts from home and abroad to gather together to discuss the development of warp knitting industry and clothing technology, clothing art and clothing culture, exchange the latest research results in clothing creative industry, technology, culture and education, and explore the path of combining industry, education and research to promote industrial pformation and upgrading.

ESMOD Beijing International President


(left two) cordial photo with experts from all over the world.

The theme of this forum is "integration and innovation". In particular, we invited the international president and designer Zora of the ESMOD High School of fashion art in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "ESMOD Beijing"), Iowa State University graduate student director, brand marketing expert Ann Marie Fiore, Vice Chancellor Hamada Katsuo of Japanese culture and Fashion Institute, and Chen Nanliang, vice president of Textile Research Institute of Donghua University, respectively.

Experts have discussed the development of China's warp knitting industry, innovative personnel training, design management and brand operation, fashion design and modern technology.

It includes 6 aspects: digital technology research of clothing, traditional culture and contemporary dress art, design management and brand operation, creative industry and urban development, fashion design and modern technology and clothing education reform and innovation.

The famous French model and fashion expert Rona (left), vice chairman of the instructional Steering Committee of Iowa State University, AnnMarieFiore (middle) and ESMOD Beijing International President Zora (right) are conducting careful assessment.

ESMOD, President of Beijing Zora, delivered a brilliant speech on "French fashion and education, ESMOD Beijing teaching features", which was warmly welcomed by the participants.

In addition to "fusion and innovation" international dress forum, the seventh session.

China International warp knitting design competition

Finals and static exhibitions have also become a highlight of this cultural week. ESMOD Zora principal of Beijing has also been invited to serve as a judge.

The final of the competition was held in Chutian 181 cultural and Creative Industry Park, Wuhan. The theme of the competition is "Feng dance rising and the east of Hui Yao", which is divided into two categories: warp knitting, warp knitting, home textile design and outdoor products design.

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