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Leather Shoes Exhibition In Shanghai Footwear Industry

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Footwear IndustryExhibition

Recently, the 100th Shanghai, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, sponsored by the Chinese Department Store Association and Shanghai Baicheng Business Service Co., Ltd.

footwear industry

The exhibition of leather goods and the exhibition of "famous brand shops" (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai shoes leather exhibition") is grandly opened in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center.

Chu Xiuqi, President of the Chinese Department Store Association, vice president of the China Department Store Association, AOKANG international chairman Wang Zhentao, chairman of Pinghu luggage Association, Shi Jihong, chairman of the board of directors of Fujian Jin Xin Group Co., Ltd., Zhuang Shaoqing, director of GDS project of Dusseldorf Jin Xin group, Shi Jihong, general manager of Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Limited, general manager of Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., chairman of Juhuasuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., chairman of Guangdong shoe material industry association, chairman of Guangdong new horizon Investment Group Co., Ltd., chairman of footwear Juhuasuan, Secretary General of Shenzhen Leather Association, chairman of main media and other relevant leaders of shoes and leather industry attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Chu Xiuqi stressed that from the first to the 100th session, Shanghai footwear industry

Leather Exhibition

Witnessed the internationalization process of China's footwear industry, and will continue to take "everything for the Chinese market" as the core position, and build a platform for exchange, collision and cooperation for well-known leather footwear manufacturers and distributors at home and abroad, expand the Chinese market and strive to become an international, professional and branding International event.


More than 160 brands are competing for glory.

Reporters learned from the Organizing Committee of the exhibition that there were 650 booths in the exhibition, attracting more than 160 famous brands at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition.

Among them, more than 30 international brands came from the German GDS exhibition group.

Spain's famous shoe bag brand Hispanitas (Hebai) and Germany's Centennial brand Rieker have been exhibitors several times.

AOKANG international, which was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange not long ago, also showed its strong reputation with its beautiful beauty and Wanli brand.

Reporters at the scene saw that most brands appeared in the form of independent exhibition hall, each with its own characteristics, which fully integrated the theme and style of the brand itself.

The big day brand from Wenzhou, with blue as the theme, opens the "blue Tour". The museum integrates art and life perfectly, creating a simple European style, attracting the attention of the German GDS exhibition directors, Wangfujing, Wanda and other department stores.

The Japanese Thai brand, which is also exhibiting, recently proposed the opening of the "sunflower life" with the new attitude of "new image, new spokesperson and new product". The exhibition hall also appeared on sunrise sunflowers, which is very close to the theme of brand promotion and is also very eye-catching.


The famous brand of Zhejiang Jian pun Shoes Co., Ltd. is displayed in this year's international trend color blue. At the same time, it displays the "Tian Chi Bang cat flagship store" which was not long ago. It also conducts online and offline full scale display and brand promotion, and has also welcomed the exchanges and discussions among many people in the industry.

Tongxiang women's shoes group exhibition

In addition to the independent brand, the exhibition also welcomed a special group - the Tongxiang women's shoes group organized by the Tongxiang municipal government.

Including Tongxiang jasmine, Pierre gentry, Bani, Hani, fannis, Italy and so on.

Chen Dong, Secretary of the Party committee of Shimen town of Tongxiang, said that the reason why she spent money to attend the exhibition was the professional and resource platform of Shanghai shoe leather exhibition.

Tongxiang women's shoes used to be mostly OEM processing, the quality of products was excellent, and they were very popular. They became the buyers of many famous brands in the industry. But now Tongxiang women's shoes need to go to the stage after the stage, so they need to play their own brands.

"The Tongxiang municipal government has made great efforts to build Tongxiang into the city of billions of women's shoes." Chen Dong believes that it will be able to find more suitable channel resources for Tongxiang women's shoes on the platform of Shanghai footwear exhibition.

Online brands and platforms are also keen on shoe shows.

E-commerce is the trend of the times, and footwear is no exception. This exhibition has attracted many online experts while attracting traditional brands.

The zero brand from Italy, taking the online as the breakthrough point, has entered a new way to enter the Chinese market. Now it enjoys a high reputation on the Internet. This exhibition is not only learning and communicating, but also seeking opportunities and resources for the next step to expand the offline channels.

In addition, online platforms that are well known are also appearing on the exhibition site.

Alibaba group's Tmall (formerly Taobao mall) and the BELLE shoe group, which are the capital buyers of domestic women's shoes, have set up booths on the spot.

They all expressed the hope that they would seek more brand cooperation opportunities with the help of exhibitions.

Excellent purchase network related person in charge introduced, since last July formally launched, excellent purchase network daily orders have more than 7000 single, category from the original shoes extended to clothing, etc., the brand also from simple BELLE "own" gradually increased some other domestic and international first-line brand, "we have just come from all over the research directly, this exhibition just let us have a deeper understanding of some enterprises, hope that there will be more harvest next."

It is reported that the excellent purchase network has been working with Kangnai, red dragonfly, Paul Getty and other brands to discuss and cooperate successfully.

The exhibition will last for 3 days. On this two day, the exhibitors will continue to communicate with each other. In the same period, the 2012 Summit Forum on e-commerce will be held, the China retail chain shoe city council and the shoe City Summit Forum, the commodity plan and the popular seminar.

Other highlights:

Brand fashion show

In order to make better use of the exhibition platform for brand promotion, Spain's famous shoe bag brand Hispanitas (Xi BAI), Xinxiu luggage group, famous luggage and leather goods brand Paul lander, and export to domestic sales shoes enterprise railway three staged their own brand fashion show respectively, attracting many eyeballs.

"Name brand shop" docking Haimo World Trade mall launching ceremony

The exhibition focuses on docking.

At 10:50 a.m. yesterday, Chu Xiuqi, President of the Chinese general merchandise business association, formally presented a license to havo World Trade mall to start the docking of "famous brand shop" with Huainan havo world trade.

Zhuang Shaoqing, chairman of the board of directors of Fujian Jin Xin Group Co., Ltd. said that Hayes World Trade Center strives to become a "Huainan center", and achieves win-win cooperation through exhibition platform, and carries out effective docking with famous brands at home and abroad.

Keynote speech on commodity planning and fashion Seminar

Mr. Xie Lianguang, the famous Chinese designer and design director of DHD design company in London, shared 2012-2013 popular trends in the footwear industry in China and Europe in the form of actual cases. He said, "design should focus on the habits of human life, and the grasp of the fashion trend is in the life of David."

He suggested that domestic shoe designers and developers should focus not only on the trend of the international trend, but also on the habits of consumers around them.

In addition, it also shared "how to enhance brand competitiveness with original series products".

China Europe shoe leather CEO Summit

Wang Wei, the founder of Italian famous brand, thinks that the main push to make Italy is easier for consumers to recognize, but the new brand is not easy to enter the market that is almost monopolized in China.

Mr. Ian Brinkmann, President of the China region, shared how to make it a hundred years without fail. First, it can combine the latest trends with the brand's comfortable wearing experience, and stick to it for a long time. Two, put consumers first, not agents and distributors. As a family business, the leader of the product has five generations and is patient.

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