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Lining's National Collegiate Football League Has Come To A Successful Conclusion.

2012/5/30 11:27:00 18

LiningNational Collegiate Football League

Recently, from Lining Sponsored by Lining China University Football League, after 8 days of competition, he finally decided to win the championship. China Agricultural University team won the title of 3:1 in the competition by winning the Xi'an Institute of Finance and Economics team. Xi'an Institute of Finance and Economics and Tianjin Normal University won the second runner up and second runner up respectively. With the conclusion of the closing ceremony, the final of the North District is successfully concluded, and the national finals are about to begin.

The top four teams in the final of the Southern District will compete fiercely in the finals with the top four teams in the North District. They will be the top runner up team in the finals of the national finals, and will serve as the college student team to participate in the China Football Association Cup next year. Having the opportunity to compete with Chinese professional football teams in the same arena, to show the campus achievements of Chinese football and the elegant demeanor of Chinese young players will be the highest honor for college students.

Lining's China University Football League North District finals, apart from the top three games, also awarded several awards.

Best athlete: Yang Yang ( China Agricultural University )

Best Coach: Ding Feng (China Agricultural University)

Best shooter: Zhang Xu (Tianjin Normal University)

Best goalkeeper: Sun Jie (China Agricultural University)

Best referee: Zhang Jun

Excellent organization award: Qinhuangdao training base of National Sports Administration (China Football School)

Sports ethics Award: Shandong University, Shijiazhuang University Of Economics, Tianjin Normal University

In the May 22nd North Africa final competition, which was staged on -29 day, all teams in the arena fought bravely and enthusiastically. Popular teams, star players and hard core fans are all in place. Lining's China University Football League shows the love and firmness of college students in football. It fully reflects the characteristics of contemporary college students' individuality, vitality and challenge. At the same time, it also strives to enable students to truly interpret "sports is not a losing and winning relationship, but a process of pursuing dreams and a process of self realization". {page_break}

This year is the twelfth year of the development of the Chinese University Football League. The league has come to this day, and has made great progress in terms of the scale of the tournament, the level of the participating school teams, and the campus football culture. Today's Lining China University Football League is the most widely attended, competitive and influential Football League in China's universities. I believe that the future Lining China University Football League will be more exciting.

2011-2012 Lining China University Football League North District finals eight teams list

1. China Agricultural University, Beijing

2. Xi'an Institute of Finance and Economics, Shaanxi

3. Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin

4. Shandong University, Shandong

5. Beihang University, Beijing

6. Shijiazhuang University Of Economics, Hebei

7. Xinjiang Normal University, Xinjiang

8. Ningxia University, Ningxia


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