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Ling Xiaosu New Love Yifei Tang Old Love Yao Chen Clothing PK

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Ling XiaosuYifei TangChen YaoSingle Shoulder Skirt

Recently, there were rumors.

Ling Xiaosu

Yifei Tang walked back to his apartment and said that two people had a good day.

However, the parties have not yet responded to this question. Can they get married? In fact, when it comes to Ling Xiaosu, they can not help thinking of his ex-wife, Chen Yao. At that time, two people were like glue, but finally they were still flying away from each other. It seems that "new love and old love" is always the topic. Let's take a look at Ling Xiaosu's "new love and old love" Yifei Tang Yao Chen clothing PK today.

The match between family style and small family jade, purple is the most noble, temperament, good wear, also beautiful.

Chen Yao's big skirt, fairy's floating feeling, Yifei Tang's slim skirt, elegant and gentle.

Wearing a single shoulder skirt emphasizes temperament and atmosphere, not atmosphere or graceful.

Chen Yao

Yellow and high fork show the fashion queen's style. Yifei Tang's black perspective is simple, but it doesn't lose the air.

Tight skirt is the most obvious figure. Chen Yao's fruit red with ponytail is pure and lovely, while Yifei Tang's blue and deep V type skirt is less beautiful.

Chen Yao's black conservative dress is absolutely full of air, but it will be slightly more old-fashioned than Yifei Tang's ink and wash.



The stereoscopic flower pattern is regarded as a great breakthrough in fashion. Chen Yao's air field is suitable to wear, but Yifei Tang's pink skirt is somewhat shabby, but it shows the exquisite curve well.

Chen Yao's collocation is capable of highlighting the youthful flavor of fashion. Yifei Tang just lends the youth style clothes together, some of his procrastination feels lacking in practice.

Chen Yao

Butterfly sleeve white skirt

With the sense of presence and the sense of super fashion, Yifei Tang can only be said to be a passerby.

Wearing the T-shirt of the exaggerated figure, Chen Yao walked the abstract route, and Yifei Tang took the realistic route.



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