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Look At The "Morning Of Morning Glory", The Hero Eddie Peng, Cute Boy.

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Eddie PengDisguised As A Morning Glory.

Following the "AA life", another new topic "summer of morning glory" is being broadcast in Hunan satellite TV.

As a "TV drama version of my barbarian friend", Eddie Peng and Zhang Mengye, the protagonists of the morning glory, were compared with the movie stars Cha Tae Hyun and Gianna Jun.

Recently, in an interview with reporters, Eddie Peng admitted that in terms of the current scenario, the gold cow that he deduced is more than Cha Tae Hyun's version, but in life, Eddie Peng seems to have a hard time accepting a sassy girlfriend.

Eddie Peng plays the leading role.

Dress up

Honest and honest, and very cute.

But the hero's gold cow has a cute, honest and thick side, and also has a steady and mature side.

We all say that Eddie Peng's golden morning glory "sell Meng" is probably to distinguish from the Cha Tae Hyun version of the "air bag".

Morning glory is an ordinary boy. He got acquainted with the star Xiaoxia on the plane to Beijing. Xiaoxia accidentally took away the luggage of morning glory. The two men started to laugh and cry.

Petunia unexpectedly became the agent of star Xiaoxia. Xiaoxia always liked bullying the morning glory, but a good morning bull knows it's a unique way of Xiaoxia's Association.

Ma Yingjie is a successful and charming young CEO, and his relationship with Xiaoxia has been acquiesced by the outside world.

Xiaoxia was grateful to Yingjie and regarded Yingjie as his brother.

Petunia gradually went into Xiaoxia's heart when he got along with Xiaoxia, which made Xiaoxia plunge into emotional entanglement.

Xiaoxia encountered double dip in her career, but the feeling of Petunia was slowly bursting out.

Ma Yingjie had an accident.

Xiaoxia and morning glory fell into a deep sense of guilt.

When Ma Yingjie woke up, he recognized the love affair between morning glory and Xiaoxia.

But morning glory cannot forgive itself and choose to leave.

A year later, he was invited by his aunt to return to Beijing for a blind date.

The two men finally came together.


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