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Girlhood, T-Shirt, Cowboy Summer New Fashion

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Lim Yoona has always been


With the beauty and popularity, as the ideal actress of many stars, she wears a white tight T-shirt and shows her elegant body line.

The lower body is wearing a dark colored tight denim and a pair of platinum gold high heels. The overall shape is simple and generous, but has a very temperament and different aesthetic feeling.


We are married.

Xu Xian, a sweet potato couple with a very high popularity, is a youngest in the girlhood. She has always been sweet and pure, and this time she exploded once again.

The letters on the black T-shirt are very dazzling, matching with the tight fitting cowboy, showing the figure of Xu Xian's golden ratio.

The overall shape is very cool.

Slender legs have always been the signboard of Choi Soo Young. As a height of girlhood, her figure is not covered.

The white T-shirt cover is still exquisite on her body, a pure color tight jeans fit, slim legs show.

With a pair of white.

High-heeled shoes

The overall shape is elegant and elegant, natural and graceful.

Sunny is the only girl who has short hair in her girlhood. As a representative of vitality, she is very eye-catching with her short blond hair.

Sunny upper body wears a white letter T, the lower body matches a blue tight jeans, the red small belt looks like the hair with the eye catching eye, draws the perfect waist line.

As a black pearl in the girlhood, Quan Li Li chose a lovely style this time.

Cartoon T-shirt

Casual and sweet, with a black tight pants, pink thin belt, black bow high heel shoes, highlights the small feminine flavor.


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