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The Creation Of The World'S Successful Man'S Personal Style

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Style icon 1:

Carle Karl Lagerfeld

Old Buddha is 74 years old this year. This stubborn old man is sticking to the Chanel art director's signature style. He always wears black.


It is always a high collar white shirt and three piece suit. Even in hot weather, he has to wrap himself up.

He used to lose 20 pounds in order to wear Dior Homme fashion. He is a stubborn old man who loves beauty.

One can not help asking, is it not boring for him to dress like this all the year round? In fact, what kind of Chinese dress is not available to him, nor does he worry about the excellent stylist team.

In the ever-changing fashion circles, it is more necessary to achieve the ultimate personal style. Only by forming a style label can people remember you forever! Just like what coco Chanel once said, "the trend is perishable and the style is perpetuating."

Style icon 2:

Steve Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs)

Jobs and old Buddha have one thing in common, that is consistent dress up, but Jobs's clothes are dull to the extreme: black turtleneck long sleeved sweater + Levi "s 501 Jeans + grey New Balance 991"

Gym shoes

Since returning to Apple Computer in 1997, he has been sticking to this style of dress.

Some people say that Jobs was a notorious paranoid in his lifetime. He pursues pure minimalism, so apple can conquer the world with simple industrial design.

He is also paranoid in his clothes.

There was a rumor that in 80s, Jobs once visited Sony founder Akio Morita, who was interested in the staff uniforms in Sony enterprises. The designers of these uniforms were Lssey Miyake Issey (Miyake).

Jobs thought that Apple employees should have their own uniform, so he came to Lssey Miyake, but this idea was strongly opposed by Apple staff, and finally failed to be realized.

Nevertheless, Jobs continued to maintain close ties with Lssey Miyake and let him dress for his own style of design. Finally, Jobs chose a black long sleeved turtleneck sweater as his "war coat", and Lssey Miyake made one hundred pieces for him at one breath.

Later on, Jobs started looking for other substitutes, and eventually picked up an American brand, St. Croix from Minnesota. According to the company's spokesman, Jobs would buy two black long sleeved and high neck turtleneck sweaters on the same year each year.

Style icon 3:

Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp)

He was rated as the sexiest actor in Hollywood. In the screen or in life, the shape of Johnny Depp always surprises us. He loves to break the stereotypes and create a very personal style dress. Even on the red carpet, he will never wear formal clothes like other male stars. He doesn't care about external comments, smoky make-up, scattered hairstyles, and broken Cowboys...

You can say that he is very rock and roll, or that he is very sloppy. No wonder he has been positioned as the prodigal son of Hollywood. Is it true that the saying goes, "men are not bad, women do not love"?

Although Depp's collocation has changed a lot, it has changed its style.

1. messy hairstyle

2. retro glasses


Ripped jeans

4. size windbreaker jacket

5. three piece suit

6. broadside soft hat

Style icon 4:

Nick Wooster

Nick is the most dressed man in the world. The handsome uncle, over fifty, has multiple identification labels: brand fashion director, buyer veteran, street filming great God. He has been praised as the "fashion director of the Internet Age" by the American version of GQ.

He can always mix up two irrelevant dress styles. For example, he can mix the camouflage shorts with velvet suits, and even the candy belt is shaped by him.

I do not know whether his unique dressing taste has made his career, or his career has achieved his unique view of men's clothing. Whatever! In short, when people mentioned Nick, what appeared in front of him was the handsome uncle wearing a pilot sunglasses, a striped suit and shorts, and fitted boots.

Nick said in an interview: "if there is any, my personal style is probably the mixed dock wharf of the university president."

Style icon 5:

Elton John (Elton John)

If you really don't know how to choose your clothes.


It's like Elton John choosing a accessory as a symbol of personal style.

No matter where he goes, Elton John wears a square eyeglass frame and sometimes he changes into a color lens.

Sunglasses are his personal style.

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