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Colorful Elements Are Popular, Snake Skin, Fish Mouth Stripes And High Sandals.

2012/5/31 9:35:00 19

Snake SkinFish MouthStriped High-Heeled Shoes.

This summer, geometric elements were widely used in costumes. Recently, major brands have also launched geometric aesthetics of new heels. Geometric aesthetics combined with lines is a classic. This time, we recommend Pierre Hardy2012 spring and summer. High heeled sandals Series: luxurious magic geometry aesthetics. adopt Snake grain Metal, geometric geometry of the geometric high-heeled sandals make women more heartbeat.

Golden geometric high heeled shoes

   serpentine The combination of moon geometry and metal shows a fashionable personality charm. The Python's texture is the new darling of spring and summer this year. Even the international brand Lanvin has used snake elements extensively in spring and summer this year. So Pierre Hardy has recently launched several classic snakes and high heels.

Snake style high heel fish mouth shoes

Serpentine decoration makes shoes more noble and elegant. The golden roots are luxurious.

Serpentine High Heel Sandals

The combination of silver and snake skin is a symbol of Noble Classics. There is no need for too many gorgeous decorations to reflect the noble charm of women. {page_break}

Striped high-heeled shoes

Light canvas fabric, unique girl style breath. Streamlined radians are suitable for all kinds of feet.

Coffee coloured water green high heeled sandals

Metal decoration and leather splicing are most suitable for you in fashion, so that you can feel the sense of refinement in elegance.

Punk style high heeled sandals

The golden gold makes people feel a sense of fashion in European and American rock. The super high waterproof platform allows you to walk more steadily. {page_break}

Lake blue stitching hollow design high heel sandals

The soft leather is decorated by metallic color and has a unique stylish sense. The heel of wood grain is more high-grade.

Pope style, line, slope, and shoe.

The fashionable retro style of pop style shows the simple fashion of children's fun. You are a girl who loves girls' retro wind.


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