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Repetto Flat Shoes This Summer Style, Take The Literary Route Is Not Vulgar.

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RepettoFlat Shoes.


Hollywood stars push Repetto

Speaking of flat shoes, the 60 year old Repetto is the best among them.

In 1956, French film star BrigitteBardot (Brigitte Bardot) put on the classic brand ballet shoes in the movie, and from then on, this round head flat shoe was also named "BB".

Coincidentally, SergeG ainsbourg (SaiRi Gainsbour), who had fallen in love with BB, had brought red gentleman shoes Zizi.

Over the years, these two repetto shoes have always been the most popular ones, but colleagues only love Michael shoes.


Repetto is the top French fashion ballet brand. Repetto was founded in 1947. Now the address of the Paris head office is the ballet classroom, which was held by Ms. Roth Lipato Ross Repetto.

In order to create a pair of best ballet shoes for her son, that is, the famous French ballet dancer, Roland Petit, Roth Lipato (Ross Repetto) created the Repetto shoes store.

Repetto summer shoes style

Now, the shoes of ballet shoes are not limited to the original professional ballet shoes, but also become part of fashion shoes.

In 1999, Li Po do cooperate with fashion brands such as Chanel, which made the beautiful shoes of celebrities turn into the fashion shoes of fashion celebrities. Many fashion celebrities such as the model Kate Moss and Madonna were the lovers of the ballet fashion shoes. Even when Hilllary Clinton visited Paris, they did not forget to choose a pair of comfortable flat shoes suitable for their comfort in the shop near the shop near The Paris Opera House.

Repetto summer style


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